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Love this fragrance

I use this fragrance oil routinely in my cold process soaps, and experience very little acceleration which is nice for a floral scent. Love it!

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Very happy with this one!

This fragrance smells absolutely wonderful! I read the reviews ahead of time so I knew to expect some acceleration. It did accelerate, but not enough to make it difficult to soap with. It was perfect for a layered soap and my batch turned out beautiful! I didn't experience any ricing or discoloration. It is a keeper!

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So far so good

Used in CP soap. Made a test batch with this FO. I used the fragrance calculator and added the recommended amount (3oz for 65oz oils). I used full water and soaped cool. Hand stirred for a bit after adding lye solution and SB'd to finish it off. Had no problems at all with acceleration. The finished scent is light, but sufficient and smells delightful.

Beautiful scent

Knowing how difficult florals can be I went straight to M&P for this scent. I mixed it 2 to 1 with a bit of Star Lilly. It smells wonderful, like a bouquet of fresh flowers. I'll stick to body lotions, scrubs, and M&P with this one. It is truly a lovely scent for those who appreciate florals and it has a nice depth to it. The oil is inherently yellow, so I went with it and used yellow colorant. Lovely bars.

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So Wonderful

based on the reviews, I knew this fragrance would accelerate, so i combined it with Exotic Musk!!! It behaved beautifully!!! The scent combination is very Sensual and everyone loves it. I had plenty of time to work with the batch and it behaved beautifully