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long lasting

For floral lovers I don't think you can beat this sent. I experienced a little acceleration but worth it for the smell. The staying power of this fragrance is amazing. I have a couple bars almost 1 year old and the scent is still strong.

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Love This Scent!!!

I am in love with this scent! I received it in the "Spring Fragrance Oils Sampler kit" and fell in love with it immediately (so did my mom). Just like others have said, it accelerated a little but was managable. There was no riceing and no discoloration. I'm definitly buying a bigger bottle soon. Thanks BB. I have loved everything I've bought from you so far.

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Love this fragrance

I use this fragrance oil routinely in my cold process soaps, and experience very little acceleration which is nice for a floral scent. Love it!

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Very happy with this one!

This fragrance smells absolutely wonderful! I read the reviews ahead of time so I knew to expect some acceleration. It did accelerate, but not enough to make it difficult to soap with. It was perfect for a layered soap and my batch turned out beautiful! I didn't experience any ricing or discoloration. It is a keeper!

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So far so good

Used in CP soap. Made a test batch with this FO. I used the fragrance calculator and added the recommended amount (3oz for 65oz oils). I used full water and soaped cool. Hand stirred for a bit after adding lye solution and SB'd to finish it off. Had no problems at all with acceleration. The finished scent is light, but sufficient and smells delightful.