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Love the scent, but....

Used in CP soap. I love this scent, but it accelerated the trace to VERY thick very fast! I really didn't have any time to make a simple swirl. Unfortunately, I think this batch of soap will be a flop. However, I also used this in a lotion and it worked beautifully.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
I'm so glad you love the scent of our Heavenly Honeysuckle Fragrance Oil and using it in lotion. Though, due to its floral notes this fragrance can definitely accelerate trace as noted on the product page. For help with this check out our How to Soap with Accelerating Fragrance Oils.

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this fragrance is glorious. very much honeysuckle and my mom and I adore it. She actually likes this fragrance more than the jasmine essential oil i bought for her. oh well. I finally got around to using this in soap today and my brother came by and commented on how amazing the soap smelled. This is coming form a man who hates any scents and never really likes my soaps. He wouldn't stop talking about how good the soap smelled and even dug up the empty bottle from the trash and put it in his bathroom. So this is a real winner.

Scent really lasts in CP

I intentionly waited to leave a review in order to see how well this scent would hold up in CP - I don't find reviews of out of the bottle or 4 week cures particularly helpful, I like to know how well a scent holds up... i.e. does it fade and how much, does it morph, or does end up smelling like a cheap plastic pool float. I am happy to report that I made this scent in Oct 2015 (1 yr and 6 months ago) and still smells great! I do use the high end of BB fragrance calc and this was really strong, especially at 1st, but it's mellowed over time and still smells beautiful. No plastic or chemical smell and the scent has stuck well. I only did 1 color but I remember having any trouble working with this F.O. So, if you like longer cures, you can't go wrong with this F.O. And, husband really likes the scent too! Thanks BB =)

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It is a bit floral which is not my favorite, but others will love it. I use the acceleration to my benefit when I want a thick batter. Watch your temps and whisk it in and the acceleration is minimal. It really holds well in the cured soap.

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Beautiful enough to put up with acceleration

This is by far my favorite floral fragrance, and I have sampled over a hundred. I've put it in CP soap, hand lotion, bath bombs and bubble bars, and it is gorgeous in all of them! I does accelerate, so use a slow-moving recipe and design accordingly. It is more than worth the extra effort. I do need to report that it discolors CP soap yellow. Again, it is worth working with this. the last batch I made was meant to be a lovely Tiffany blue in a slab mold. My plan was to do piped flowers on top of that blue. Well, the Heavenly Honeysuckle turned my Tiffany blue into a sea green. It was a lovely color, and I went with it, but do note that it will be difficult to get blue with the FO unless you go dark.