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Love how easy it is to make. Just had one problem. I noticed that my soap started to make this layer of soapy residue on top after it sat for a while in a container where I stored them . Even in a box with open top. What is that and is it normal

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Can you guys make it organic?

It will be great if this can be organic hemp!

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My favorite!!

I got this soap in the sample pack and it is by far my favorite! It feels so good on your skin!

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This soap is amazing on my skin it doesn't dry it out at all like most soaps. It leaves my skin smooth and clean, it, just feels so nice! I bought in hopes that it'll help my etsy shop out. There are so many benefits from using hemp oil that I hope many people come to realize this. BrambleBerry!! Anne-Marie y'all should make a youtube video about this Hemp soap and its benefits! please make a cool melt and pour vid using this base!! LOVE IT SOOOO MUCH!

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Love. Love. Love.

Love having the Hemp Soap as an option. I plan to make more soaps with this base in 2016! A lot more people are begining to realize the health benefits of using Hemp in just about Everything! Don't ever get rid of this beautiful soap.