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Great Product!

I loved using this refined version as it allowed for the usage of various colors! Please bring this back! Not many companies offer the refined type which is more clear and less green.

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Happy Girl
Love this oil

I'm very sorry to hear you are discontinuing this oil. It is crazy awesome in soap. I know it has a short shelf life, but it is so worth it! I think that it is by far one of the most amazing oils available. Also, I like that this doesn't have all the green stuff in it that some hemp oils have.

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OK so ordered a small amount to see if I was gonna like this, and it arrived friday, so Yesterday was my chance to run some tester recipes, I made a night Face cream, combined with other oils THIS turned out AMAZING, its thick and rich and a little goes a long ways, put some on a freshly cleaned face last night befoe bed, and I am literally still feelig the moisture in my skin this morning!, and My Hair conditioning mask!!! ohh sooo soft shiney silky and gives my hair healthy body, so soft to touch! (btw I have heay Coarse red hair) This is amazing, ofc I am in love with my recipes. lots more to work on and test out definitely a hemp line going into my store site. Will be buy alot more Hemp seed oil soon! LOVE IT!!

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Lovely Results

First off, "Hemp" soap sells just on the name, if you happen to be selling. Next, this is a lovely oil and works up beautifully in soap. It adds a nice silky feel to the soap and lathers up nicely.

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Very pleasantly surprised!

I bought this originally to make gag gift soap to celebrate the legalization of marijuana in Colorado. Made 1200g of soap using 12.7% refined hemp oil 8 weeks ago (7% superfat). Tried a bar this week and was very, very surprised and happy of how it makes my skin feel - soft and moist without any greasy feel. Instead of giving the soap away, I think I am going to keep it! :) Thank you for carrying this wonderful oil.