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Great 'green' scent!

I love this green/floral scent. For a 3 lb. log, I used one ounce and several drops of Oakmoss to anchor it. I soaped at 80 degrees and used two color oxides. I had no problem with ricing or tracing.

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Reminds me of highschool

I loved Herbal Essences products in highschool, and I always wished they would "bottle up" the scent and make a perfume out of it. Well, my dreams came true and here it is! As close as can be anyways. I love this scent. I am not into florals, but this is soothing, easy and not too overpowering- soft. I used in CP, slight ricing, nothing that couldn't blend out. Not sure if it was my recipe or fragrance, but this started to cure on the hot side. I was afraid of it cracking, so be careful. It gelled fully and smelled amazing. I was surprised at the fragrance calc. as I usually add more fragrance than this one calls for. This is my first Brambleberry fragrance purchase and I am noticing that they are very concentrated than other competitors.

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Nice fresh scent

Used this in cold process, I picked a teal color for it, it behaved nicely and retains its scent, smells great.

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Congrats on the Imitation!!!

No where near as potent as the actual Clairol Herbal Essence but a fine imitation for sure. Perfect potency for bombs and scrubs. Will be buying more.

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I don't do fragrance oil,(headache) except this one, love it

Can Bramble Berry reccomend an essential oil blend that mimics Herbal Essence?