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Love this fragrance! Wish I could post a pic!

Christmas Candy soap! I’ve wanted to make this for a long time as a tribute to my grandmother Emily who always had ribbon candy at Christmas time. Next time they will all be guest soaps. Thank you to Ann Marie of Bramble Berry for the inspiration!

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Not too sweet

This fragrance is sweet (I mean with a name that includes the word candy that it to be expected) but it's not too sweet. Did have some acceleration in my CP soap but not terrible. Still workable.

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This fragrance is wonderful in my CP Shea and Mango soap. I hope you never discontinue this.

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love/hate this fragrance

I bought this fragrance looking for something for a Christmas craft fair. I was worried based on some of the reviews whether I would like it or not. When I smelled the FO right out of the bottle I hated it, yuck cough medicine! I made a beautiful batch of swirled soap (white, red, and green) and I still hated the smell. It mellowed a bit by the time it had cured but I still did not like it. Surprisingly it was my biggest seller at the craft fair!!!!! People who tended to like the strongly scented soaps raved about this fragrance. I would definitely buy it again for a craft fair, but not for myself.

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Love it.

I just this minute finished making CP Christmas soap with this FO. I always love the smell out of the bottle. The problem was that I am a white, red and green person for the holidays and I like fragrance in ALL my swirl colours, I was sceptical to use it since the product description says that it discolours to yellow. So I decided to replace the white with gold (using Gold Sparkle Mica) because I like my whites Lilly white.==And you know what==Did not turn yellow at all. Talk about a happy soaper. Slight acceleration though, but I managed. I did the Circle Swirl in the Heavy Duty Column Mold. and everything looks great thus far. Cannot wait to unmold and cut.===This FO sure is a keeper for me. The smell is divine.