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Smells nice, but seizes when using beer

I used this fragrance first in a soap without beer, and it worked great. However, when I used it in a beer soap, I barely got it into the mold before it went rock solid. I had stick blended to thin trace, then added the fragrance. Before I even began to stir it in, it started to thicken. I was able to stir just enough to make sure it was well incorporated before it turned to makes potatoes. It might be a good idea to note in the description that this can happen.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Though beer can definitely be tricky to soap with and can accelerate trace, it helps to boil the beer to make sure the alcohol and carbonation are completely eliminated. For more help with this check out our How to Use Alcoholic Beverages in Cold Process Soap blog post.

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I hope the strong sweetness of the fragrance goes away

I didn't really have a hard time with this fragrance like others did, maybe it was my recipe? Or that I was soaping at a slightly higher temp than I normally do and had a higher superfat than I normally do (was a tiny bit short on lye). I was able to thoroughly stick blend my soap batter with this fragrance and pour it quite easily. It took awhile to thicken up to where I could put any sort of spoon pattern on, so I just made a honeycomb pattern on top instead. The only thing I should've done was blend this fragrance with another. It does not smell like I had hoped it would when mixed with beer. Too much like cough syrup. Hope it goes away with the cure.

Doesn't smell like ale/beer

Maybe it was the type of beer I made the soap with (Natty Light), but the fragrance smells like a strong dryer sheet/fabric softener. VERY perfumey, which wasn't what I was going for.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Our Honey Ale Fragrance Oil was designed to be evocative of ale and work well with liquor themed recipes. Though it doesn't smell exactly like the alcohol. If you're looking for another option you may prefer Spiced Amber Ale Fragrance Oil or Oatmeal Stout Fragrance Oil.

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Moves Fast when soaping with Beer!

I LOVE this fragrance - but, it moves lightening fast when soaping with beer. So, to combat that, after I have all my other ingredients blended (by stick blender), I hand stir this fragrance into the batter, then quickly place in the mold. I hand stir for about 30 seconds, then pour. It's a thick trace even then, but manageable. And, I make sure the mold is right by where I'm stirring....I don't travel with it. This is a great scent, and it is one of my best sellers. So, know ahead of time that if you use it with beer, BE PREPARED! But, it's worth it.

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Smells nice but accelerated trace

I always make it with beer and it turns into mashed potatoes and then super heats regardless of the beer. People like the scent but I find it a pain to wirk with.