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Love brambleberry MP bases

This is the first time I’ve tried brambleberry’s MP soap base and I’m IN LOVE! I’ve only used the MP soap based from Michael’s before and they’re terrible compared to brambleberry’s. BB’s is super easy to work with because it stays liquid for a while and gives you more time to work with it. It’s also very easy to clean as you can just peel it off the glass container in one big, almost whole piece. Michael’s is terrible to work with as it gets hard incredibly fast so you have to work really fast. It also seems to burn easier and faster, and it has a slight scent to it which isn’t unpleasant but I want my base unscented. And it is so hard to clean as it doesn’t peel off like BB’s. So glad I tried brambleberry’s MP and I’m never going back to Michael’s MP again.

Very Drying For Me

While this soap looks great, holds scents well, and melts easily I tried it and it was extremely drying for my skin. It did not dry my husband's skin but it also did not moisturize it nearly as much as we had expected it to. If I could find a way to make it more moisturizing I would love to buy it again because I love the idea of honey being in my soaps

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
If you're looking for a creamier base you may prefer our Shea or Goat Milk melt and pour. The Aloe Melt and Pour Base is another great option for moisture. You can also try mixing the other SFIC bases with your honey soap to see if you prefer it blended.

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Good MP Base

It's a great MP base to start with, melts away in a whiff in a double boiler, perfect for embeds and layering.

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Addicted and I can't stop making soaps!

I'm a Beekeeper and initially went to BrambleBerry for lip balm tubes. I spotted the M

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New to soapmaking..

Good Day all. I have wanted to try M&P prior to experimenting with CP soap. I found this base to be drying. I added a bit of sheabutter to one and almond oil do another batch to see if it that would help but adding any oils or butters caused it to not lather well enough to use as a bath soap. I have to find a M&P that is a bit more creamy and softening.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi EnCee! I'm sorry this base wasn't your favorite. We love the SFIC Honey Melt and Pour base and the addition of honey to be luxurious on the skin. Though if you're looking for creamier bases you may prefer our Shea or Goat Milk melt and pour. Because these are finished soap, we don't recommend adding much extras like fixed oils as that can dramatically reduce the lather. For our MP with the most lather check out our SFIC Shaving Melt and Pour.