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I used this to make scented pinecones and it smells amazing! It is more apple than anything, so I mixed in some cinnamon sticks with the pinecones for additional scent and effect. Perfect for fall!

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bought again

I Love the smell of this and it is a favorite of my customers. It works out great in CP soaps seems to be a light scent which is fine. I did a batch of Salt Spa Soaps with it and it traced fast. I had to spoon and press into molds. I will continue making CP with it for sure!

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Love the scent, hate the acceleration

The scent is great but I used 4 oz FO/88 oz finished soap and it came to a THICK trace so quickly! I needed to glop it into the molds. Next time I'll be wiser.

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I used this in CP soap, omg, smells great!! I added a little cinnamon essential oil and it is simply the best smelling soap I have right now.

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Love the Smell!

I love this fragrance and will continue to purchase as long as it is available. The label does say it behaves well with CP but the description does not. I'm not sure why they don't just change the label? I did make a batch of CP in the hopes of doing a quick layer with vanilla. I didn't have time, this FO accelerated very quickly, so I lumped it into the mold and poured the thinner vanilla over the top. I still ended up with pretty bars. I would recommend using more fragrance. I used medium for both and the vanilla is definitely stronger than the Hot Apple Pie.