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Love the Smell!

I love this fragrance and will continue to purchase as long as it is available. The label does say it behaves well with CP but the description does not. I'm not sure why they don't just change the label? I did make a batch of CP in the hopes of doing a quick layer with vanilla. I didn't have time, this FO accelerated very quickly, so I lumped it into the mold and poured the thinner vanilla over the top. I still ended up with pretty bars. I would recommend using more fragrance. I used medium for both and the vanilla is definitely stronger than the Hot Apple Pie.

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Love it

I love this sent , used it in my HP soap and it just smells amazing, just like a real hot apple pie

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Not Recommended for CP?

I grabbed this from the surplus a few weeks ago and was delighted by the warm, sweet, cinnamon-apple pie smell! I'm a little confused though because on the bottle it says it behaves well in CP, and a few reviews have said it does ok in CP... but the description says it's not suitable for Cold Process... I'm not really sure what that means, or how to use it otherwise. Since it says it's ok in M&P, would it be ok in HP? Or was the surplus a different batch that did well in CP, but now the new batches wouldn't... or something? Weird.

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Great Bakery Scent

If you're a fan of food scents, this is a great one. Spot on for apple pie, however, not a rich or heavy scent. More sweet. I've used it in mp soap, bath bombs and acetone tonic. It has been 8 or 9 months and my m&p soap still holds its scent.

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Smells amazing!

Really love this smell! It reminds me of apple cinnamon muffins or fresh apple pie. Very warm and comforting, perfect for my wax melts.