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Home Spa Emulsified Scrub

Emulsified Salt Scrub

Try our innovative emulsified scrub recipe to bring back moisture and vitality to dry and damaged skin. As a special bonus for our readers, we are giving access to our emulsified scrub tutorial video until the end of August. This video usually sells for $5.95, but you will have free access for over a month! Visit this page and enter the password homespa to learn all the secrets of making an emulsified scrub. But keep in mind we've revised the recipe to use our Pink Himalayan Sea Salt & Cera Bellina Wax, so be sure to use the recipe below.  

Pink Salt Emulsified Scrub Recipe:
You can use any fragrance or essential oil you like. We've created two blends that we think are just perfect for all of our Home Spa Collection projects. Check them out here
Equipment Needed: Packaging:

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Click Here for the Essential Oil Blend.
Click Here for the Fragrance Oil Blend.

Making emulsified scrub
PREP: Create your fragrance or essential oil blend. We used the Spring Meadow fragrance oil blend which you can find on the Soap Queen Blog here.  
ONE: Combine Sweet Almond Oil, Stearic Acid, Polawax, and Cera Bellina Wax in the large container and melt in the microwave on 30 second bursts.
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TWO: Once the oils are liquid, add Mango Butter and allow to melt in the hot oils. Meanwhile, heat the Natural Liquid Castile Soap to between 140 – 160ºF in the microwave. Do not let the soap boil.
THREE: Once the butter is melted and the soap is warm, add the soap to the oils and stick blend. Let cool. At this point, the mixture should begin to thicken.
Making Emulsified Scrub
FOUR: Once the emulsion has cooled below 140ºF, add fragrance or essential oil blend and Optiphen and mix well using a stick blender or whisk
FIVE: Once the mixture has reached the consistency of liquid lotion, add the pink sea salt.
SIX: Package in a container that can be sealed. We used our 8 oz. bail jars.
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