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Awesome Green!

Yes, it's versatile and one doesn't even need to add TD or black to achieve a range of colors. As others have said, this is our go-to green!

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Very versatile pigment

This is a great quality pigment that is very versatile. As with all pigments, you do need to blend it well to prevent speckling. And I can usually use less of a pigment than I would use with a Mica. I say it’s versatile because you can achieve so many different shades or tones with this pigment just by adding some TD or even some black oxide/mica. So you can go anywhere from a pale pastel up to a dark green with this product. It has always performed perfectly for me. It’s one of those colors you’ll find yourself going back to time after time.

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My favorite green

I always used the chromium green or tried to mix my own with only moderate results. I love this green just as it is.

Make a nice "sea green"

This is one of the more expensive colors so I thought long and hard before I bought it, but I am so glad I did. I made some CP soap with Bay Rum Fragrance and swirled this with a little Super Pearly White mica and TD. It looks like the ocean. :)

Great color!

Love love this color in CP soap!