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Not what I hoping for

Although the idea is nice, I wasn't impressed on how it turned out on my CP soap. I put a brushing of mineral oil on the mat before pouring my soap, and when removing, although it came off easily, the impressions had ragged edges. I tried it again with a harder bar formula and let it set an extra day and still the same thing. Not worth the effor for the overall effect.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
These impression mats can definitely be tricky to get the hang of. We found the addition of Sodium Lactate can help make a harder bar of soap faster making the mats easier to work with and less effort.

Verified Purchase
Michelle B

My first time using an impression mat. It's fun and different and I loved how my soaps came out. No problem with the soap sticking (although I do use Sodium Lactate). Overall, it's just a different touch... pretty cool!