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Beautiful Soap

This soap is so pretty, it is worth the extra work and the pain to clean up the squirt bottles! You do have to be quick about it and start with just light trace since it takes longer to get the batch into the bottles.


Beautiful pictures. Just made this and next time I won't use stick blender as I barely mixed and was thick. Took forever to squirt and was challenging because bottles plugging up. Next time -and it's too beautiful not to do again - I will hand mix and I cut the tips of the bottles a little larger. My soap will turn out very pretty but not as pretty as pictures. But it will next time!

Impressionist soap kit

Provided you have the basics to make soap, it comes with everything you need except the squeeze bottles. That is kind of an important thing to achieve the effect. so a quick trip to 3 different stores to find the bottles. Not a easy task when it isn't BBQ season. The directions were easy to follow and it came with ample ingredients. I think I was shorted a bottle of canola oil as I couldn't find it in the box but not too big of a deal as I had some on hand. This was a gift so I really can't complain. there was enough soap batter left over that I made 11 mini soaps with a candy mold that I had.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Nadine! I'm glad you found the directions helpful! Thank you so much for your helpful suggestion. I updated the kit to include three squeeze bottles. Also, I'm so sorry that canola oil wasn't in the kit! I'll be emailing you personally to resolve this.

Great Kit!

I got this kit in my very first order with the Beginner's Kit. I used it to make my third batch of soap and was so pleased with the results. I was kind of afraid to underblend, and ended up a bit too aggressive, which meant I didn't have quite enough time to finish the squirt bottle effect, but I still got interesting and usable soap. I LOVE these blog recipe kits; it makes it SO easy for beginners like me to try things out without having to over think the rest of it. BTW, the silicone mold rocks!

Good buy!

These kits are a great way to build up your supplies of molds, colors and oils, as well as try a new fragrance you might not have. For instance, the fragrance oil included in this kit is Lemongrass Sage, and due to a name which, IMHO, is not attractive, I might have never tried this delightful scent. And let me tell you, THAT would have been sad! The biggest draw for me, though, was the silicone loaf mold. My second one & hope to add to collection:)))