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Read it please!!!

Not for CP. Wasted money! I've been using max amount per pound. No smell what so ever!!! I don't understand why such a great company like BB has to sell this scam. Very disappointed.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Irina! I'm sorry you were disappointed with this scent. Island Coconut is perfect for products like melt and pour soap or lotion but if you're looking for a coconut scent in cold process soap you may prefer the Coconut Cream Fragrance Oil which is known to stick better in CP.

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This coconut scent is the only coconut scent I'll ever need! It's sweet and just delicious. I love it in all products, and it's great to work with. Everyone should give this scent a shot!

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Love this scent!

This one smells like you are at the beach! It is a light fragrance, but it is a wonderful beachy scent.

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Shea C
Works amazing in homemade deodorant

I have to admit, OOB I was not a fan. I mixed it in my body butters and the scent did not hold. However, that's probably my fault as I used no additives (for lack of experience with them). But I must say, I added some to a batch of my homemade deodorants and WOW. It's nice and soft, with a constant and exceptionally pleasant aroma. I'm going to give this fragrance another go (and educate myself more on additives), since so many of my customers are coconut fans.

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Very Mild Even In MP

I was really excited for this scent, as Bramble Berry has amazing products. However, this FO is very VERY mild, even in melt and pour soap. I've made multiple small batches and each time not matter how much FO I use (using the fragrance calculated), this just seems to come out VERY mold every time. It's perfect if you're looking for very very light scents. Sadly it just wasn't what I was hoping for.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Kayla! I'm sorry you did not find this fragrance to be strong enough for you. We love the Island Coconut Fragrance Oil though it can be a bit mild smelling, especially in cold process soap. If you're looking for a strong coconut scent to use or blend it with you may prefer Coconut Cybilla Fragrance Oil or Coconut Cream Fragrance Oil for a sweeter bakery-type scent.