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Doesn't smell like anything!

I got a little sample of this a while ago and it smelled so good that I needed to order a big size. I thought I was going crazy when I got it because it didn't smell like anything. I've had a few friends smell it too just to make sure I haven't lost my sense of smell and they can't smell it either. I guess I just got a bad batch but I'm so sad because I was gonna use this to make everything.

AWESOME sugar scrubs!

I made solid sugar scrubs and added 10 drops of this with 10 drops of relaxing and OMG its so soft and warm. VERY lovely & lingers in such a good way! I havent tried it in CP but any good soapmaker knows to research everything especially additives and fragrances that are going in their soap. This is soap making. Chemistry. I understand many soap makers arent that sharp/patient but seriously research your oils. If it discolors I simply only scent a brown color and incorporate a swirl into my white soap or make the top with brown swirled in so it smells extra strong. Anyways, I got this in the sampler pack (which so far ive loved all of them!) I used it with the white clear melt and pour for my solid scrub and it smells so good and it doesnt discolor clear M&P at all. This is going to be a for sure staple in my scrubs & lotions and i may dabble with the liquid soap but I think ill continue to search for a stronger coconut smell for my cp. Any suggestions would be great!

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Used to Love Her

I bought Island Coconut in 2014 and used it in CP soap and Lotion my clients loved it so much and would almost swoon like seeing their fav Rock Star as a Teenager. Ran out in Nov 2015 and reordered. WHAAAAT is this smell? not good! is this a rotten coconut? Set the bottle aside thinking it was a bad batch. No way will this match the amazing lotions i have made in the past. BB says this is the new formulation. I ordered a second bottle thinking no way this has to be a mistake. but now I have read more reviews and Im guessing its true. Both bottles are going back unused. Whatever it used to be is what it should still be. Sorry BB this is a big MISS.

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A true coconut scent

I make HP exclusively, and Island Coconut works beautifully. Keep in mind that it does discolor to a warm brown and plan your colors accordingly. Island Coconut has been a consistent best seller for me.

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Best Seller !!

My customers love this in my Beach Bum Body Butter that is used as a sunscreen with zinc oxide. I soap with it just fine is a double boiler hot processing goat milk soap. It makes for a great alternative for people who do not like fragrance as it smells like a food, that is natural fragrance or it is neutral enough. I am gone though all of mine and the season is not yet over, ordering more today !!