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I LOVE this fragrance. It's mouthwatering! Very delicious, tropical scent. I don't know if it was something I did or what but it riced really badly and once I got it in the mold, it was a mushy mess with a lot of excess moisture. Really bummed about that. May have been user error though:/

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Island Escape fragrance oil

Love this! Has the perfect blend of tropical scents. Used it to make bath fizzies tonight. Hope I can keep my girls out of them.

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Loved it out of the bottle, faded considerably

This scent is AMAZING out of the bottle, and probably works great for lots of things, but I used a medium amount according to BB's fragrance calculator (like I always do), and after 6 weeks, this one has faded & changed considerably. For the first 4 weeks of curing, the pineapple scent was heavenly. Now, it's kind of weak-sugary smelling.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Christy! I'm sorry this fragrance did not end up being as pineapple scented as you were hoping! The Island Escape Fragrance Oil definitely cures to have quite the mix of tropical sweet smells mandarin, dates and coconut milk. If you're looking for other pineapple scents you may prefer Pineapple Papaya Fragrance Oil, Pineapple Cilantro Fragrance Oil, or Tropical Vacation Fragrance Oil.

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Smells delicious, but...

My order arrived today (YAY) it included this FO along with several other items. Upon opening the box, which was very well packaged btw, I found that this fragrance had LEAKED ALL OVER THE PLACE :( ...I took a photo...Which made me super sad, but also acutely aware of how DELICIOUS this FO smells! It smells like sweet mulberries, which wasn't what I was expecting but I LOVE! If you've ever imagined what a tropical vacation smells like it would be this FO!

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Island escape

Wow! This was a huge hit in my hot process soap. I took a batch into the store today and they sold out in the first half hour. You can smell the individual fruit notes in this fragrance oil. I clearly smell pineapple, fruity melon, coconut, mango, and more. What a dream fragrance. Thank you Brambleberry!