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Verified Purchase

I've not soaped with this FO yet & will return to update with results in CP, but something tells me it'll be outstanding in that too! I have a fellow crafter friend who makes candles and wax melts who sent me a wonderful package of handmade goodies! If I'm home, I've got my wax warmer going, so I nonchalantly reached into the box, grabbed out an individually wrapped tart & put it in my warmer. OHHHH MY GOODNESS! This smells INCREDIBLE in wax!!! 5mins in, I started getting wafts of the most AMAZING aroma, and within 10mins, my WHOLE home was enveloped in one of the most stunning scents I've ever smelled, and the potency was fabulously strong without being overwhelming! Pure aromatherapy heaven!! I ran to the bin to fish back out the little baggie it had been packaged in & it said "Brambleberry- Jade"... SOLD!!! I logged in & immediately bought a bottle! This scent is crisp & gorgeously complex! EXPERTLY blended, and is a scent both men & women would love (even my husband commented on how good the house smelled)! I can't WAIT to make soap with this, but can already tell you that in wax... WOWZA!!! Crisp citrus revitalizes the senses first, followed by the most multifaceted notes of soothing, green botanicals and whispers of clean musk at its base... OUTSTANDING!!! This one's a keeper and I already know I'll be back for more! EDIT: My soaps made with this incredible FO are 2wks into cure now & the scent is still as divine as the day they were cut, perhaps even better! Behavior in CP was flawless! No ricing, seperation, acceleration or discoloration! This is an absolute staple-scent for me now!

Verified Purchase
Great Choice

This is a wonderful scent. Preformed great in CP soap. I love this scent and will be buying more!

Clean Scent

I decided to buy on a whim and I am very pleased with my purchase. I haven not used it in any body care items as yet. Out of bottle, it smells lovely. This FO is very clean and crisp. I plan to buy more when I run out. I would recommend to others who appreciate a clean smelling FO.

Verified Purchase
Maria - Kokolele

It is different and great!!! it..♥ I want more !!!!

Verified Purchase

This scent is absolutely one of my favorite scents now. I bought it before I went to Europe last November but haven’t had a chance to use it until now. I’ve made bubble bars and goat milk lotion and salt bars with it and am ordering more. It is INCREDIBLE. Please never get rid of this scent!!