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I cannot keep my nose out of this batch. This FO performs BEAUTIFULLY in CP. The scent, after 6 weeks, is still AMAZING. This is a fragrance I can see both men and women loving. This is DEFINITELY one of my new favorites! I WILL BE ORDERING A BIGGER BOTTLE!

Didn't stick

I loved this fragrance oob but it did not stick at all in cold process. I used the recommended amount for a medium strength and the same recipe that I have always used with nothing fancy added and I can't smell it at all, zip, zilch. Very disappointed! Maybe it will come back with curing but I'm not hopeful.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
We choose all of our fragrances and their notes description based on a full six week cure time so it will most likely come back stronger at the point and you'll hopefully like it better then. You also may find our post on How to Prevent Scent Fading in Cold Process Soap helpful.

Verified Purchase
Jade Fragrance in Bath Bombs

I am not sure why, but when this fragrance was used in our bath bombs they cured to a sulfer/rotton egg scent. I had to throw the entire batch away. I just recieved the 16 bottle in the mail and I am really hoping that the soap doesn't turn out this way. Very dissapointed in the bath bombs that I had to throw away.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
That is definitely strange and not something we have found with the Jade Fragrance Oil. Customer service has emailed you directly to find out more about your recipe and help troubleshoot.

My Favorite New Scent!

Performs well in cold process soap and smells divine! I used it to make a column pour soap in a slab mold. Will purchase this fragrance again!


I love this fragrance! Worked beautifully in CP as the description states. Has been curing for about a week and a half and still smells amazing! I will definitely be buying more of this one!