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My new bestie!

This is a beautiful fragrance on its own but it truly cured a problem for me. I have a client who just loves your Cherry Blossom fragrance oil which is a real headache for me to work with and I dread making her quarterly order. I mixed the Cherry Blossom f.o. in with the oils so that when I stick blended it to trace it would take care of the ricing. When the acceleration started, I added 1 ounce of the Jasmine Dream and it immediately loosened up. OMG! What a wonderful fragrance the mix produced! So floral and delightfully powdery at the same time. Just beautiful!

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No Accleration

I know you all say this accelerates, but I've used it for years, and actually find it to be S L O W. I've done it with a green tea lye solution, and just straight water. No now routinely soap it at a 35% lye solution and have TONS of time to work with it (which is funny, b/c I just do a solid oxide green color). Also sticks like glue. I've had 18 month old bars that still smell strong. Use at .5 or .7 oz ppo max. Not everyone loves florals, or jasmine specificlaly, but this soap has a customer following whenver I have it in stock. Also makes a very nice blend with sandalwood (at 20%) and bergamot (20%) and a touch of litsea (5%).

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I Love this one for blending

Jasmine Dreams is lovely on its own for a sweet jasmine scent, but is especially lovely when blended with other florals & patchouli. I've been using this scent for years & hope it never changes. Its extremely feminine and has almost a creaminess to it that blends seamlessly with a myriad of other oils. This is a great one to keep on hand.

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Love the Scent and Behavior

The scent is wonderful. I used it in CP soap and it behaved beautifully. I guess the fragrance behavior is dependent on the oils used. It traced slowly allowing time for soap design. I will use it in bath bombs.

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Interesting curing scent (heavy sunblock)

I liked this scent out of the bottle. But for some crazy reason, while it's curing, it has the heavy scent of sunblock, to me. It's like when I'm driving my car and my teenager decides to smather sunblock all over herself, and I can't get away from the smell. I've used other Jasmine FO's over the years and never had this experience. I'm hoping it's possibly a reaction with the scent of Ocean Rain curing soaps nearby and hoping it somehow changes back into the lovely scent it had, coming out of the bottle. EDIT: The first time I wrote about how terribly over-powering the Jasmine Dreams FO was. But I just soaped with the same bottle (stored in the fridge) a few months later, and it's totally "normal"! This is another good reminder to me to ALWAYS SHAKE 16-oz. bottles of FO BEFORE using them, because there are certain FO's that can separate a little over time. (Others I've noticed doing that: Pumpkin Spice and Oatmeal, Milk & Honey.) If I had shaken it well first, before measuring it out, I'm sure the scent would have been just right the first time, and I wouldn't have made the review I made. (Still learning after 8 years - eye roll.)

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Melanie! I'm sorry this fragrance wasn't your favorite. We love the powdery floral smell of our Jasmine Dreams Fragrance Oil, though I have heard it can be reminiscent of sun block to people. If you're looking for another jasmine scent you may prefer Sultry Black Jasmine Fragrance Oil or Rosehip Jasmine Fragrance Oil.