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Love the Scent and Behavior

The scent is wonderful. I used it in CP soap and it behaved beautifully. I guess the fragrance behavior is dependent on the oils used. It traced slowly allowing time for soap design. I will use it in bath bombs.

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Interesting curing scent (heavy sunblock)

I liked this scent out of the bottle. But for some crazy reason, while it's curing, it has the heavy scent of sunblock, to me. It's like when I'm driving my car and my teenager decides to smather sunblock all over herself, and I can't get away from the smell. I've used other Jasmine FO's over the years and never had this experience. I'm hoping it's possibly a reaction with the scent of Ocean Rain curing soaps nearby and hoping it somehow changes back into the lovely scent it had, coming out of the bottle.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Melanie! I'm sorry this fragrance wasn't your favorite. We love the powdery floral smell of our Jasmine Dreams Fragrance Oil, though I have heard it can be reminiscent of sun block to people. If you're looking for another jasmine scent you may prefer Sultry Black Jasmine Fragrance Oil or Rosehip Jasmine Fragrance Oil.

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Love Jasmine Dream

I make this in a cold process soap, body oil, bath bomb (my signature bath bomb) the guys love it just as much as the ladies. This fragrance oil should stay the same always.

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SomeTyme Place
Needs work...

This smells good OOB and is great to work with, but I will admit that I would like to see this one reformulated. I think it could use more depth as far as scents go, but the bigger factor is the "sinking" in my lotions. I have used this in a couple of very different lotion recipes (one a cream and the other a lotion), and this one likes to sink to the bottom. When lifting the containers up after the lotion cooled I could see a lot of yellow on the bottom. I get around it now by letting the lotion cool completely and stirring it good before packaging it.

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I'm not typically the type of woman that LOVES floral scents, but I really enjoy this the Jasmine Dreams FO. It pairs beautifully with English Rose for a relaxing floral scent. Bonus: Relaxation that doesn't include lavender! (Which my fiance is allergic to.) I look forward to lots of experimenting with this scent. I tried it in bath bombs first, on to CP next!