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Michelle B

I am impressed with the quality of these dried flowers. Little debris, buds intact, just beautiful!


Used this on top of cold process soap which was colored w/ titanium dioxide. The buds left orangey brown rust marks on the soap. I soaped at around 90F. I used a mix of palmarosa and patchouli essential oils as fragrance. I don't know if the essential oils had something to do with the discoloration. Too bad because these buds were really pretty.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
The Jasmine Flowers are a natural botanical so they will discolor in soap like other dried flowers. They will also continue to discolor more after the soap is used. To help prevent this you can try to set them in the soap as little as possible so they barely stick. They are also great to use in products like potpourris and bath salts without discoloration, see an example in our Wild Rose Bath Salt DIY.

Mrs. Amber
So pretty!

I chose this as my free gift with my last order & was so bummed when it arrived with the majority of the flowers pulverized to powder in the bag. It's a long journey from WA to FL tho, and because the little baggie had been placed under my other items, I think UPS just wasn't very careful, so I got a baggie of flower dust. That's ok tho, it was a free gift, so no loss at all, and I ended up pouring the baggie out through a tea strainer & sifted out the bigger pieces. I was able to salvage a few whole buds that didn't get smooshed and they are very lovely!! I have just enough to sprinkle sparingly atop a loaf of CP, and I think it's going to look lovely! With the rest that got smashed, I plan to put that in a tea bag & make an oil infusion, so this was not a loss at all... They WILL get used!! With the buds that DID survive the trip, I find them so beautiful & appealing that I would definitely purchase more! I'm so grateful BB offers freebies we can try out, as I love everything I've received, and in this instance, I'm happy to make lemonade from lemons! The whole buds will accentuate a CP loaf beautifully, and I'm really excited to try a little oil infusion with the rest! Don't let my experience dissuade you from purchasing these lovely flowers! Mine was a small order in a small box, so I think it was just a long journey that caused the flowers to get crushed, and the ones I salvaged are oh-so beautiful!!!

Verified Purchase

I received a sample of Bramble Berry jasmine buds. They have bright green stems and a mellow yellow bud. They are so fresh and free of debri. I am back to order more. It will tough using up the jasmine buds I had because they are really sad looking. I will be getting BB from now on! Thanks Bramble Berry for stocking these.