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I like it! I moved to Nevada from Southeastern Utah and the scent remind me of the Juniper/Sage that I left behind. I used this for my very first batch of cold process soap and it worked great! I see other posts say it accelerated trace, but this batch used lard, which is slow to trace, so maybe that was the difference. I made a small, 8 oz batch, and there was no acceleration at all.

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Juniper Sage is a fresh outdoorsy scent without being piney. I blended 2 parts Juniper Sage with 1 part Eucalyptus EO, and was very happy with the result. what I wasn't happy about was the acceleration. Bramble Berry reports no acceleration in their tests. I did my own 2-oz sample and also had no acceleration. But then, all I did was stir the FO in well and then moved on to my next sample. I came back to it a couple of times and it did not seem to be moving along any faster than the others I was testing. In my first 4-lb batch, however, it was a different story. It did not accelerate immediately. It stayed relatively fluid for a few minutes, and then it kicked in and accelerated quickly. I was doing a 4-color linear swirl, and the batter was just too thick to do it even though I moved quickly. I would really recommend that Bramble Berry retest this FO.

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Nice scent.

Love this scent. Was quick to trace. Will purchase again but be better prepared.

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Great Scent, Inexplicable Gel Phase?

Love love this scent - reminds me of the scrub forests in Arizona. Accelerated my trace like crazy, but I was prepared for that thanks to other helpful reviews! Glopped it into the molds with no problem. However, it rose in the middle and cracked, and then somehow went through gel phase! I make milk soaps and consequently work at quite low soaping temperatures - this has never happened before! 4 hours later the soap was hard as a rock in the mold - still sliceable with effort, but waaaay too hard to stamp (or even dent with fingertips!) Maybe this scent is a bad combo with milk soaps - does anyone have any ideas?

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Fresh and Memorable

The Juniper Sage is a great smell, well balanced between fresh balsam and a sweeter undertone (I'm guessing that's the geranium). I expected it to be a bit drier on the nose with the sage, bergamot, and amber, but the lingering sweetness is nice. This scent grabbed me by the nostrils and dragged me through memory lane. Somewhat perversely, it reminds me a lot of the ladies' room at the country club where I grew up - but don't let that be misleading, it was a very nice ladies' room! Everything about this smell reminds me of cleanliness and luxury. It also behaved magnificently in cold process - it didn't discolor at all, didn't make my batch accelerate or rice, and I wound up with a smooth, lovely bar of soap.