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strong scent but nice feelign

The sea scent is definetly strong. I used this in a sea kelp face wash I am making and it smells very strongly but the results are awesome. Love it.

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Perfect addition to sea-themed soaps

I used this soap with sea clay, buckthorn extract, and sea moss fragrance oil. The soap batter smells VERY strongly of seaweed, but as the soap hardens and cures, the scent fades. At this point, all that remains is a fresh, green , salty scent- it smells like the beach! I find that the scent pairs very well with the Sea Moss fragrance oil and enhances it. So far, I've had no complaints about the smell. I've been calling the soaps "Sea Garden", and most people agrees that it smells like the ocean. The color is also beautiful, and the addition of just a bit of teal mica produced a light green, natural, oceanic looking soap. I'll be buying this again for sure, and people are already pre-ordering soaps so that they don't miss out once they've fully cured.

The Hall of Flames

Color looks great! Smell is a little interesting. I used half a teaspoon per pound for light color. I'm a first time cp soaper and I accidentally used kelp powder instead of olive leaf powder (I haven't gotten around to labeling my jars yet 😅) my kitchen smells like seaweed right now. I hope the smell of ocean fades and lets the patchouli shine through or else I'll have to call it "Sailor" 😂

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sea kelp powder

this has a very fishy scent but can be masked by other fragrances. great additive to my mp soap

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Lovely Sea Smell Once it Mellows

You must use caution and use SMALL amounts as recommended! I used 2 tbs for 52 oz of soap (water + oils) and I LOVE the results (but that it on the heavier side). Mixed with ginger lime and wasabi fragrance oils, it gives a nice fresh ocean scent. I highly recommend doing a test batch to use more or less. A little goes a really long way. I would say do a test batch of a pound with a teaspoon or less as I did. You can get great results if you test it out first and use it sparingly.