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The scent is overpowering

I just made my first batch of soap...ever! After weeks of research, prep, and shopping, I landed on a gardener soap recipe here on Brambleberry. My husband requested that my first batch be a gardener soap so that he could use it to clean up after dirty days working in the yard. I purchased several different scents for him to try, as well as the men's sampler set. After a good amount of time deciding on which scent he wanted, he chose Spiced Mahogany. Oh boy it does smell good! Unfortunately, it would not have mattered what scent he chose because the sea kelp aroma overpowers all of the beauty that is the Spice Mahogany. I'm crossing my fingers that, after the soap has aged properly, the scent of the sea kelp will dissipate and allow the Spiced Mahogany to shine through. Right now, though, I don't have much hope because my kitchen smells like bad seaweed. I'm so disappointed!

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Barbara!  I'm sorry this product isn't your favorite.  We love the mellow ocean air smell it gives soap after curing, as seen in our Handmade Soap for the Gardener.  Though, the seaweed smell can be a bit overpowering when you first use it!  It takes a full cure time of 4-6 weeks to dissipate.  I will email you personally to discuss this further. 

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I like it.

I'm not sure what the recommended usage rate is, so I went pretty light to be on the safe side. I ended up with a nice light sage green which has darkened a little after one day out of the mold. I can't detect a fishy smell and when I do it is extremely faint. The fishy smell that others have mentioned may be due to a higher concentration.


This kelp powder provides a perfect hint of ocean scent to my "Maine Seacoast" goat milk soap! I love the scent and the lovely sea-green color it creates!

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Good if you use it sparingly

I made a beach type soap with three layers. I fragranced two of the layers with a sunscreen scented fragrance and used the sea kelp to color the third layer. My initial reaction was the same as Sheryl's...ugh, gross/fishy smell, but after curing a few weeks the fishiness has faded and there's just a faint sea-air scent mixed with the suncreen scent that really makes you think of lying on a beach somewhere when you shower with it. I thought I would never be able to sell it and, to my surprise, sold all of my first batch when I brought it into work and people saw it! Oh, and an added bonus...sea kelp is very skin loving and I swear my skin feels softer after showering with these bars than some of my others. My advice, give it another shot but use sparingly with a compatible fragrance mixture.

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Smells like seaweed

I put some of this in my cold process soap with balsam fir essential oil to make green fir trees and pine cone soap and when I took it out of the mold, it stinks so bad that I would be embarrassed to sell it or even give it away. Do not buy Kelp powder unless you want your soap to smell like rotten seaweed. GROSS

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi! Kelp Powder is actually made from seaweed, so that is probably why you are getting the ocean-y scent in your product. If you want a natural green color for your cold process soaps, I would suggest using the Green Zeolite Clay or even the Cambrian Blue Clay which gives a gorgeous blue-gray-green color to your soaps.