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Lovely but weak

Loved it OOB. Made CP soap and even using the fragrance calculator at "strong" option left me with an almost scentless soap at cut. Hoping it will improve! Will try again or use in other applications because it is a nice scent! Great in the diffuser.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
We found the Kentish Rain Fragrance Oil was strong when used at 0.8 oz per pound of cold process soap with the Fragrance Calculator. We do choose all of our fragrance oils based on a full 6 week cure time when the scent comes back stronger so you may like it better then. For more help check out our How to Prevent Scent Fading in Soap blog post.

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Smells Wonderful, Blends well with Fruity Fragrances

I used the Kentish Rain for the first time yesterday. I mixed equal parts Kentish Rain and the Blueberry Fragrance Oil for my soap, it smelled absolutely heavenly, it was a very fresh/feminine fragrance. Fair warning though, I tried to add blue mica to it for a nice color (not one bought from here, which was probably where the mistake happened), and mixing the royal blue of the mica with the fragrance oil turned it a sea green color! It was salvaged by sprinkling the Sparkling Gold Mica on top. Im very excited to see how it turns out.

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Still smells great in 8yr old soap

I made a beautiful blue-green bar on the strong setting with the scent and it still smells amazing this is the best scent ever it's almost manly but almost unisex and it is just gorgeous. *Updating my review. I just received my order and since when does kentish rain smell like pineapple? Suspect a possible error in filling the bottle but now I have a batch of blue soap that smells fruity and a pending order of original kentish rain to produce so I'm a little freaked out. This is bad.

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Good smell, but too subtle

Maybe it's just me, but I had to add a lot of this to make it scented. I have used it in 2 different kinds of soap, a scrub and lotion with the same result. When I can smell it, it does smell great.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Chelsea! I'm sorry you've have problems with the strength of our Kentish Rain! For our recommended usage rates I would suggest using our Fragrance Calculator on the 'strong' setting. For more tips check out our How to Prevent Scent Fading in Soap blog post. Customer service has emailed you directly to help troubleshoot :-)

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Well done!

I was curious about this one for a while. A few months back, I was vending at an event and wound up next to a lady who also makes bath and body products . We started talking fragrance oils, and it turned out that we both buy from BB. She had a product with this scent in it, and DANG I was impressed. I'm quite picky. I don't like scents that are too floral, too "fresh linen", too ozone, etc. This scent is just right, I love it. I was making bath bombs with it one day, and my husband commented on how great the smell is, it's quite unisex.