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Let my man smell like this!!!

I have not used it yet for soaping but will this weekend and boy can you say arousal?? Love love love it!!! Will order again!!!

Love the fragrance, but...

This is a fabulous fragrance but like B.B. “alien type”, it turned my white soap bright lemon yellow. Didn’t over use so I don’t know what happened. Otherwise, soaped really well and would recommend medium on the fragrance calculator.

Verified Purchase

I love this scent, I will definitely be ordering in bulk. This scent is great for both men and women. Sweet sultry with notes of honey, it's one of my top picks

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Kentucky Wow!

I didn't know what to expect when purchasing this FO. I just knew I wanted a masculine FO. It smells so...smooth and elegant. It's the right blend of notes and it's neither too strong nor faint. I plan to buy this FO again.

Verified Purchase
I just love this

I am venturing out from essential oils and this was the 3rd fragrance oil that I have ever used. its hard trying to find a scent that men enjoy (or at least admitting that they enjoy it in front of other people). I took a chance and bought a large bottle of it and I was pleasantly surprised. everyone loves it, and I will be purchasing more. I even have one buyer that asked for an order of bath fizzies with this scent. I highly recommend it.