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Love it!

At first I didn't care for the scent, I was expecting more key lime but smelt more like graham crackers and than key lime after. I decided to test it out using HP and honestly it smells amazing just like key lime pie. I'm glad I purchased 2 bottles just sad now it's been discontinued. Please make a new key lime fragrance with key lime as the top notes maybe that will sell better!

Not my favorite, but found a work around

UPDATE 3-18-18, I mix it with Coconut fragrance oil, and people like it. Changed the rating (Old Review) Not my favorite or any of my customers, wish I knew someone that wanted to buy the bottle I have left over, just doesn't sit well with me, but that is a first for a BB product, i love all the rest of my FO

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Jackie! I'm sorry this Key Lime Tart Fragrance Oil wasn't your favorite! If you're looking to use up your bottle you may like it better once blended with something like Vanilla Select Fragrance Oil to sweeten it or a fresh fruity scent like the Pink Grapefruit Fragrance Oil to help brighten it up. If you're looking for other summertime sweet treats you may prefer our Red Berry Rhubarb Fragrance Oil!

Verified Purchase
Garden City Bees
Medicine Smell

I really do not like this scent. I don’t smell any lime in it. In fact I added some lime essential oil to try to fix it.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
The Key Lime Tart Fragrance Oil is definitely more of a bakery scent. If you're wanting it to be lime focused adding in the Lime Distilled Fragrance Oil is a great idea. If you're looking for other lime scents you may prefer Ginger Lime Fragrance Oil or straight Lime Fragrance Oil.

BB sister sister naturals

When i first smelt this product i wasnt quite sure but then i tried it in hp soap and it behave so well and smells amazing. My customers loved it as well. I would give this 100 stars if i could. Good job bramble berry its one of my favorite scents


When I first received it as a sample, I wasn’t impressed. There was something I couldn’t quite pinpoint that wasn’t to my liking. That month I had two shipments so I ended up with 3 small bottles to use. I made some tester soap and gave to friends. Surprise, surprise people absolutely loved and my husband is the biggest fan. That being said, my husband is a chef so he has a very delicate nose. He lives how sweet, tart and toasty it smells. Needless to say, the fragrance grew on me too. Just got a large bottle for my sweet and toasty autumn dessert soap line!