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Great for Melt & Pour but not for Cold Process

I used this mold several times for melt and pour but three times now I cannot get the bars out that I filled with cold process. The only way out is to damage the bars. I've tried every technique that works with other molds but no success with this one.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Jennifer! I'm sorry you had trouble getting your soap out of this mold undamaged. We love this cute Knitting Needles Mold and how flexible it is, though it can still be a little tricky to unmold cold process soap from it. One trick you can try is wiping the inside of the mold with something that doesn't saponify but adds a little slip, like Cyclomethicone. This should help the soap pop out more easily! For more tips check out our Unmolding Cold Process Soap from Plastic Molds blog post.

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Fun soap

My M&P soap turned out beautifully in this mold. I did it for a very special friend who knits and she was thrilled. I used the shea butter soap and lavender and cedar fo. The soap is very luxurious. The mold releases well but it warps easily so i had to put a weight in the middle to keep all cavities level. I need to find a better storage solution for my molds to insure that they stay completely flat. Thanks for the great selection of molds!