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Perfect replacement for the original Energy FO's

This is a perfect replacement for the original Energy FO's! Smells great & works wonderfully in CP soap. All fruity without any hints of floral or musk notes. Love it!

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My kitchen smells like spa!

This is my first HP soap recipe, I really like the scent from Kumquat Fragrance, it's not over powering. It has a fruitiness that isn't over powering.

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Great so far!

I only gave this a four star review since I have not yet seen how it holds up through 8 weeks of cure time...but it does smell bright and citrusy, but not too sweet OOB. I was going for a nice bright white soap batter, so I added some TiO2 in, and it turned out exactly as I wanted. I will ring back in and report on how it does through the cure time, but I can tell that this will be a great choice to blend with other fragrances when I want to give something a boost of citrus, but keep the blend crisp and invigorating, not sweet.

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This juicy and plush....flirty fruitiness that lures you back repeatedly for one more sniff of pure succulence. I had visitors over and had recently cut a loaf of soapy awesomeness. They were sniffing my kitchen like bloodhounds, found my soap and held it hostage until I agreed to part with a few bars!! Discovered this little beauty on the ambrosia soap tutorial, what luck!!

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I absolutely LOVE this fragrance!! I only wished that I had ordered more. Works into my M&P beautifully, and I can't wait to see the trace on my CP, and in my candles. A BEST SELLER!!