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Best Ever Base

I have ordered M&P bases from many sources in the past. This one is my Fave hands down.. It stellar quality and my products really do well with this base. The customer service is top notch as well.. I only wish I could find coupons for this being a repeat buyer☺

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Low Sweat

I ordered 10 lbs. of this because one of my customers purchased an expensive mold for me and I wanted to be sure her soap wouldn't get glycerin dew as quickly. It's been almost a month since I made her first soaps and they still are dew free. Surprises me because humidity is high here. However, based on this experience, I'm going to be ordering more low sweat white. Very good product. I'm happy when customer is happy!

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Great soap

This melt-in-pour base is great if your making embeds for the top of cold process soap. It's very low sweat, so very little dew on the top of the soaps. It is easy to use and has good scent retention.

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Such a great base

Does not sweat at all, I love this base!

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what am I supposed to use it for?

I ordered this by accident instead of the real clear MP. I can’t use for embeds then what exactly am I supposed to do with it? Does it work with the like cold process white? I’m disappointed I didn’t read the description :(