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Soap cannot be layered

I have have used this soap twice in the past. This time I am unable to layer it without it falling apart. I have tried three times and every time the loaf falls apart. I use the alcohol between layers but nothing works. I did notice that this batch really crumbles when cut. The previous order was not like this. What am I doing wrong?

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Crumbles in bars, fine for small molds

The soap crumbles when cut in bar shapes, not ideal. It's fine when making small mold shapes where no cutting is involved or handling.

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No Sweat!

I love this soap. I have used many melt and pour soaps and this is hands down my new favorite! It hardens quickly so you gotta work fast but it does NOT SWEAT and lathers very well for me. Looks great, holds fragrance great and is a pleasure to work with. I will be definitely be buying lots more.

Disappointed in last LCP batch

I have been happy with every purchase of this LCP soap base...until the last 10lb batch. The soap crumbles when cutting and seriously lacks lather when emulsifying. I tried adding other ingredients, like Shea butter, and the result was a greasy soap bar that needed soap to be washed off my hands. I have experimented with other batches of the same soap base, and had soaps with absolutely divine consistency and lather! What happened? I would appreciate any suggestion as to how to remedy these 10lb of latherless, crumbly soap base.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Simona! I'm sorry you were disappointed in this batch of soap base you received. I would love to find out more information; I will email you directly to resolve this issue.

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I am frustrated beyond belief

I purchased this specifically for making embeds for my cold process soap. I have LOVED almost every product from Bramble berrry but was getting tired of the sweating of my embeds on top of my soap. So I read the other reviews and thought it sounded great. I ordered a 50 lb box of this and have been totally unhappy with this product. Yes it does not sweat, but it gets hard so fast I can hardly get it into complicated embed molds before hardening. And if your not careful it crumbles so easily! I like flowers and more complicated embeds (besides just plan shapes). This just does not work. I have been trying to use it in multiple different ways because I really wanted it to work (dislike the sweating) but it makes me so frustrated I don't even desire to soap anymore! I would so much rather deal with sweating! I have also noticed that many of the products I have made with it, the color leaves the product over time. (It gets white in areas)