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Love that it doesn't sweat, but it crumbles when cut

I love so many attributes of this soap, I just wish it wasn't so crumbly when cut. It lathers nicely, doesn't sweat, and doesn't overdry my skin. I have managed to mitigate the crumbling aspect by subbing in about 1/4 of the needed soap amount with a regular melt and pour. I haven't noticed it diminishing the low-sweat feature, but it definitely makes it cut more cleanly.

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Just amazing

I live in New Orleans where we have 100% humidity. During the summertime, there is no way I can sell my beautiful soap because it either melts or hydration beads ruin their look. I was extremely hesitant at first because I've tried other so-called low sweat M&Ps. But this stuff is truly amazing. I only use it for single non-layered soap because it works best for this. I have found that it turns light amber in color after a while. I still haven't figured out if this is because they are in the heat or if it's the nature of the soap. Regardless, this M&P is a lifesaver for my business this summer. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Bramble Berry

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Low sweat!

I really do like this product. It was relatively easy to work with, and I even liked that it cools faster than regular melt and pour bases. That means less waiting time for me! I do agree with many of the other reviewers that it crumbles when cut, so I used this base for individual molds.

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Excellent base!

This base is not as moisturizing as goat milk base but lathers well and it's not drying! This makes firmer, minimal to no sweat soap! Gotta work fast because forms film quickly! Brambleberry please have the option to buy 25 lbs.

Soap cannot be layered

I have have used this soap twice in the past. This time I am unable to layer it without it falling apart. I have tried three times and every time the loaf falls apart. I use the alcohol between layers but nothing works. I did notice that this batch really crumbles when cut. The previous order was not like this. What am I doing wrong?