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Maria and Bessi
Behavior in CP Soap

This FO is a nice alternative if you do not want to spend the money to get the lavender EO. Also there were no signs of acceleration, ricing. Or discoloration when we used this in our CP soap! This FO also sticks really well in soap and has not faded at all since we made it 5 months ago!

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Good Choice

Lavender is pretty much a bath and body staple fragrance and so I was looking to try something that was not the same as just same old lavender. This smells like lavender, but it has more to it and is more sophisticated. The scent sticks well and it soaps perfectly. A nice change up to the usual lavender FO.

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Lovely lavender smell in cp soap

I am a lavender fanatic. I have smelled and sniffed MANY lavender fragrances and essential oils. This is the ONE that says 'I am lovely lavender'! Too many of the others are sharp herbal or medicinal. And it's not just me that feels that way. When women come over to buy my cp soap I show them the lavender soap. Some will say 'oh, I'm not a lavender person' or 'I'm very choosy about the scent of lavender'. Then they smell this scent. I am selling a LOT of this scent. It is soft in it's presentation of lavender. It is strong in the lasting power of the scent. No discoloration and very little (if any) acceleration.

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CP Soap and Candle

I just love love this fragrance it performs wells in cold process soap. It also does especially well in scenting candles. I tried it in soy candle wax and did experience some frosting but I believe it may have occurred because I poured it at too high a temperature. Overall, it sells well. I am planning on making another set of candles and will pour at a lower temperature and see what happens.

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Fav Lavender

I've tried the other Lavenders you have and BY FAR this is my favorite and my customers too. It lasts long, doesn't require a lot. Given I make large batch, I hate going through an entire bottle of FO for one batch. Holds well for long duration too.