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Life Saver

So, when I first started making things, I saw a great deal on lavender essential oil from Now, and in the bottle it was pretty much the same, but out of the bottle, it was disgusting. I could have cried, so I had to find something to help cover up the scent because I had about 4 oz of the gross stuff, and I am not one to waste things. This one smells more like the actual plant than the now essential oil is. It is more of a natural smell, just not as potent as the essential oil.

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Love the Lavender out of the bottle

Love the lavender out of the bottle. Tested it in MP twice and i'm wondering if the MP is too hot (had to reheat after fragrance was added the 2nd time) as very little of the scent came thru. Used 1TB for 1lb of Goat Milk MP. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Perhaps i just need to add more FO.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Arlene! I'm sorry this scent wasn't your favorite. In our tests and recipes, we noticed the scent was strong when we used .44 oz. per pound of melt and pour soap. If you're looking for lavender scents, you may like Lavender Forest Fragrance Oil, Lavender 40/42 Essential Oil or Lavender Fragrance Oil. I'll be emailing you personally to talk more!

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Fragrance Didn't Hold in CP Soap

I've been very lucky with all the BB fragrances I've tried so far, but was so very disappointed in this fragrance oil. In the bottle the aroma was beautifully floral, and I was excited to try it, as up to now I've only used Lavender essential oils in my soaps. I used this fragrance in my standard cold process goat milk soap recipe six weeks ago (and intended to make matching scented beeswax candles with the same fragrance). However, a mere two weeks into the cure the scent was almost imperceptible, and today, six weeks later, even after trimming the soaps, the fragrance is barely detectable. I used the fragrance at 0.8 Oz PPO, but it clearly wasn't enough to get the fragrance to stick. I'm going to experiment with the Lavender & Herb FO next, but am still searching for that perfect lavender fragrance. So far, for a pure lavender soap so far I've found the Hungarian Lavender essential oil has much more staying power, it's just not quite as floral as I'd like.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Clare! I'm sorry this fragrance wasn't your favorite. We've found it sticks well in soap. I'll be emailing you personally to help troubleshoot!

Amazing New Lavender Recipe

I bought this fragrance for my daughter at her request...I do not care much for Lavender but, its one of her favorites. I got to thinking though, I bet it would go great with the Baby Powder oil.....IT DID!! Here is the way I did it in my M&P: 8 oz of Goats Milk melt and pour soap base 8 oz of Aloe Vera soap base 1 tsp of Lavender mica (could use a little less) Lavender fragrance oil Baby Powder fragrance oil I went light on the fragrances as it was my first time using the two together. I was VERY pleased with the final result. The finished MP soap reminded me of that Lavender and Vanilla Febreeze air freshener. (the one with the purple lid) What a HUGE hit it is in my house!! Even my husband loves it!! Just wanted to share this recipe with others....I give it 5 stars!! Happy Soaping Everyone!! Thank you again BB!!

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True Lavender

Out of the bottle this smells like true lavender, not synthetic smelling at all and not as medicinal as the essential oil. I loved how it smelled before using and had great cold throw on my soy candles. So far I'm not too impressed with the hot throw while burning them, although, I'm sure that would just require some tweaking on my end of things. I used 1 oz to a pound of C3 wax.