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The is a clean fresh scent for both men and women and has become one of my top sellers! Soaps beautifully in cp

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I personally don't like it

I bought a fairly big bottle of this just based on the reviews. Personally I think this stuff reeks! It doens't smell much like lavender or cedar to me. However, I'm new to soap making and gave some soap with this cent away. Other people seem to like, so what do I know? That being said, I think the regular Lavender fragrace oil is really good and it's what I will use into the future.t

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Dan! I'm sorry this fragrance wasn't your favorite but I'm glad others liked it! We love the Lavender & Cedar Fragrance Oil but it is a more camphorous and woody scent which can definitely be polarizing. The regular Lavender Fragrance Oil is a great choice! You also may prefer our Lavender and Herb Fragrance Oil or Lavender Green Tea Fragrance Oil for other lighter lavenders.

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Getting better every day

When I first smelled this FO, it was decent. When I used it in CP soap, it smelled like pine. All I could smell was pine. After cutting the soap and letting it cure for a couple weeks, the fragrance has lost the strong pine note and is actually mellowing into a really great slightly masculine scent. I was really worried about this one when I started with it, but every day it cures, I enjoy it more and more. I definitely recommend trying this one out!

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Such a nice unisex smell! Leans a little toward the masculine side. Smells very fresh and clean.

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Very light and Fades Away

The scent is very nice, but even at .8 ppo, and soaping at 100 degrees, the scent's strength is normal, but not as strong as other fragrances. Once the soap has cured for a few weeks, the scent is barely noticeable on the bars compared to all the other soaps I have that have been curing for months. I won't be buying this scent's a shame because it smelled really good, but the scent does not last much.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Mac! I'm so glad you liked the smell of our Lavender & Cedar Fragrance Oil, though I'm sorry you were disappointed with its results in cold process soap. This scent is a little lighter. We found it to be stronger when used at 0.96 oz per pound of soap, found using our Handy Dandy Fragrance Calculator. If you're looking for other lavender blends you may like Lavender Forest Fragrance Oil, Lavender and Herb Fragrance Oil, or Black Amber And Lavender Fragrance Oil.