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Very light and Fades Away

The scent is very nice, but even at .8 ppo, and soaping at 100 degrees, the scent's strength is normal, but not as strong as other fragrances. Once the soap has cured for a few weeks, the scent is barely noticeable on the bars compared to all the other soaps I have that have been curing for months. I won't be buying this scent's a shame because it smelled really good, but the scent does not last much.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Mac! I'm so glad you liked the smell of our Lavender & Cedar Fragrance Oil, though I'm sorry you were disappointed with its results in cold process soap. This scent is a little lighter. We found it to be stronger when used at 0.96 oz per pound of soap, found using our Handy Dandy Fragrance Calculator. If you're looking for other lavender blends you may like Lavender Forest Fragrance Oil, Lavender and Herb Fragrance Oil, or Black Amber And Lavender Fragrance Oil.

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Unisex Scent - Slightly Masculine

This is new in a long list of favorites from Bramble Berry. I can't wait to try it in both MP and CP soaps for the holiday season.

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Love it!!

This just smells flat out amazing in CP. Behaves beautifully. The scent is slightly on the masculine side, but really it's a beautiful unisex scent. Love it!!

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A Happy Experiment

I got this FO as a sample a while ago, and truthfully, it sat because I prefer to soap with EO. FOs tend to make me itchy and stuffed up. I decided to make a batch of cocoa butter soap scented with Lavender and Cinnamon Leaf for Christmas and ran out of Lavender EO. In a pinch, I supplemented with about a tablespoon of the Lavender and Cedar FO in a 40 oz CP Soap batch with about an ounce of EOs that I had premixed. I was skeptical because out of the bottle the FO smelled a bit perfumey! The soap has been cut and fully cured, and I have to say, I love the blend! It is warm and clean and perfect for a Unisex scent. Thank you, and I will probably try other FOs now too!

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Love, Love, Love It!!

This is an absolutely amazing fragrance oil (that smells so realistic one would swear it is an EO blend!). I have used it in both CP and HP as well as lotion - candles are next :) If I were to describe this scent, it is herb-y like lavender, woodsy like cedar, and camphorous like it contains eucalyptus, as well. I have to agree with another person who stated that this oil is very spa-like. I label my products as 'Stress Relief' because of the aromatic properties and the effects it tends to have on all who smell it - but I also think it could be paired with a sinus relief bath tea for winter relief.