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UPDATE: Wildly popular, hands down customer favourite!!

My last review a year ago (July 2016) I stated that this was a really nice fragrance!! Today, I can't keep my soaps made with this in stock! I bump it up with some Lavender essential oil to make a grown up scent. It's really fun to watch all the eyes roll to the back of my customers heads!! They LOVE this stuff and so do I. Hands down the best scent EVER!!

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I have always felt like plain Lavender is missing something but not with this scent. It smellls so soft and relaxing. I think it would be perfect for baby soap.

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Love it

I love this in melt and pour and bath bombs! So soft and relaxing. A great scent for kids and adults. Sometimes to make it more "grown up" smelling, I'll add lavender essential oil into the mix.

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Best seller

Buy this now!!! This is the quintessential baby scent and adult women love it too. It is perfect in cold process, lotion, bombs, and conditioner. It's one of few scents that works well in everything.

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I love this scent!

I usually don't like lavender at all but this scent is soft and relaxing. The men even say its nice. It was easy to soap with and is holding scent very well. Please keep this in stock. I need more and often. :)