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Buy this now!!! This is the quintessential baby scent and adult women love it too. It is perfect in cold process, lotion, bombs, and conditioner. It's one of few scents that works well in everything.

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I love this scent!

I usually don't like lavender at all but this scent is soft and relaxing. The men even say its nice. It was easy to soap with and is holding scent very well. Please keep this in stock. I need more and often. :)

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Just a beautiful soft fragrance! Don't let the 'huggies' deter you on this one, just a lovely soft chamomile and lavender scent!! Really really nice!!

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LOVE LOVE LOVE This one!!!

OMG I totally LOVE LOVE LOVE this sent! So happy I bought a large bottle of it! Used some in M&P and also lotion with just a touch of shae butter, and what a hit!! Thank you for this one BB...I think you hit this one out of the ball park!! Keep these great fragrances coming!

It does smell just like Huggies

I thought I would like this one better, but maybe it will grow on me. It does smell just like Huggies but there is some under-tone I am smelling that I just can't enjoy. I made lotion bars with it, so maybe it is just too strong. Maybe it will mellow out a little in some CP soap.