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First of all, I have not tried this in cold process soap yet. Out of the bottle this is an excellent fragrance. I am really picky about lavender and Hungarian Lavender EO is my favorite. I bought both the EO and the FO and while they are not 100% identical (even the EOs vary from one to the other), the FO is excellent and no doubt a lovely lavender! I have a hard time putting lots of EOs in my wash off products (personal preference) due to how much goes into the EO process to just go down the drain. I will definitely use this as my alternative, likely mix it with the EO too. For anyone who let this item sit in their wishlist for months on end like me, just buy a bottle. I only ordered a small amount and will need to order more :) Thanks BB!

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Smells like floor wax

I'm so disappointed. Used this in CP and after 4 weeks cure I couldn't detect any fragrance in the dry bars at all. I hoped it would pop once wet. It did but not in a good way. It reminds me of an industrial floor wax, not a relaxing lavender. Lesson learned, now on to the daunting task of researching all the different essential oil varieties. I wish I didn't have 2 oz of this left. I doubt I'll use it.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
We choose all of our fragrance oils based on a 6 week cure time since some fragrances morph or fade away until that point; you may end up liking it better then. If you're looking for another option in essential oils you may prefer our most popular Lavender 40/42 Essential Oil blend or Hungarian Lavender Essential Oil for a smoother, less camphorous scent.

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Fabulous Lavender!

I got so tired of using a ton of lavender essential oil in my CP soap & not having the scent stick. I took a chance on this one, despite a few negative reviews. I LOVE this FO! It's very true to pure lavender essential oil and the scent will hold up in soap. I love this FO so much, I keep pilfering my soap supply to make room sprays for the house!

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Pure lavender scent

Received this yesterday as a replacement for another product that is currently unavailable and made a M&P shaving soap last night. Smells like the lavender plants and flowers from my garden. Very happy with it. Will use in other products. Thank you to Chloe on BB staff for the recommendation.

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Michelle B
Smells very close to the EO

I think this smells almost nearly like Lavender Essential Oil. It performed very well in CP and the fragrance is holding well too! Definitely will purchase again.