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I can't believe this is a fragrance oil, I keep checking the label to see if it's not actually essential oil....that's how amazingly good it is. It says it behaves well in CP soap but it actually performed like a dream, I did a 20 minutes pour and the soap batter stayed fluid until I finished pouring. I'm not a lavender fan but I think this FO goes on top of my favorite FO, dethroning Energy FO.

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Lady MiyaJoi
True, Beautiful Lavender

This lavender is amazing and it will become a staple in my soaping company. It's light, powdery, and soft. I look forward to showering with my house batch that I make with this. Good, good job....

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Just like the real thing

I LOVE this fragrance Oil. Right out of the bottle it smells just like EO. I made a CP soap with it and it remains true to name. I prefer natural fragrances, but Lavender EO does not remain true in CP soap and fades quickly. This is my go to Fragrance for Lavender!!!

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Great scent

I've used this in lotion, foot scrub, and CP soap, and it is wonderful. Behaves beautifully and the smell really sticks. So much cheaper than EO.

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Cyd Hughes
Wonderful Lavender

I just wrapped up a batch of Lavender soap using this fragrance oil. I truly feel like I am standing in a lavender field. The scent is so true and has none of the sharpness that some scents have. Just pure, blissful lavender. GREAT scent!