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Holy guacamole!!!!

I've been told I am a lavender snob, and I 100% agree!!! Ive tried too many synthetic lavender oils than I care to admit, and they all went into the trash. Mostly they just smell like baby powder w a tiny bit of lavender. Yuck. I ordered a 4oz bottle of this based on the reviews and I'm a believer again! But only a believer in this one :-) It's amazing and beautiful and I love it. I used it up on a few days in lotion and bubble bath. Going for the larger bottle now! Dont hesitate, order this fo!

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Vicki Anne
Better than the EO

Have had 2 issue with Lavender EO. It does not stick well and thererfore is a waste of $. This FO smells just as good, behaves, and sticks. Two thumbs up for this one. Thanks BB.

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This FO smells like the real thing. Works great in CP, no discoloration and the fragrance lasts and lasts. The Best!!!!

Best Lavender Fragrance Oil

Years ago I switched from Lavender essential oil to this Lavender fragrance oil and haven't looked back since! This is spot on Lavender and for me, lasts longer in cp than any essential oil. Soaps like a dream (no acceleration) and stays strong for at least up to a year (I've never been able to hold on to a bar longer than a year:) It also blends well with so many other fragrances.

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Best Lavender I've Tried

This is a wonderful lavender fragrance. It smells better and sticks better than Lavender EO. People who find that the fragrance fades in their CP soap aren't using enough. I use up to 3 ounces in my 2 lb. CP loaves. It isn't overly strong but gives off a lovely true lavender scent that stays with the bar for life. I wrap my soap in cellophane and when it's ready to use the fragrance is as true as the day I made it. This is by far my favorite soap fragrance. Great when mixed with lemongrass too. Thanks for an excellent product! .