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beautiful and scented

Lovely buds with a medium strength scent on their own to compliment your lavender products

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Great lavender

These are very fragrant and I got a lot more than I thought I would in the 3oz bag! It is going to last a very long time because I only sprinkle them on top of my soaps.

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Lavender buds

So, as I stated, I LOVE these lavender buds!! So I finally got to make my soap ( I so wish I could show u a photo )...I used the recipe from by Jan, but did not have the purple clay, so I used mineral powder, mixed with a bit of the natural indigo colorant...worked great! THE buds are just beautiful on top, and I spiratically dusted my entire silicone mold with gold mica so they would look as sophisticated as the scent is. Thank you again BB, and to Jan at thenerdyfarmwife for the great! Recipe!

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Lavender goodness

First time purchasing from Bramble Berry & first time purchasing Lavender buds & I can sincerely say these are totally worth the buy. I didn't have to open the bag up to know how pure, lovely, & strong the Lavender smelled. I have yet to make it in Soap Making & i'm pretty stoked to try these ones out. I have looked at other websites for essential oils, butters, etc. & although some things are Organic, I would much rather purchase from here. Especially knowing how amazingly great these products smelled & how legitimate they look.

The best lavender ive smelled

And i cant stand lavender!! But lately with these herbs its like completely different. I have a new found respect for it. I love infusing my oils in this and making salves.. OMG it smells so STRONG! Ive never had the pleasure of working with such good and BRIGHT lavender buds. They are a great price and last forever! If you are doing COLD process soap herbs wont discolor. At least not for me! in soap and on top. No discoloration. so worth it, i can roll around in these all day!