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I was looking for a leather/manly kinda scent to take to an event where leather takes a high profile. This is totally the ticket! My biker friend loves it and the women who have tried it are loving it too! It doesn't smell like leather in bottle, just soap with it and let it develop. No discoloration and no acceleration. Edit: I've made this a couple times now, and never had a chance to keep a bar sells like crazy!

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smells just like leather but doesn't sell

This really does smell like leather. I have a lot of customers who are "horsey" type people and thought that it would sell well. I couldn't sell even one bar! Terrible seller

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Kathryn! I'm so glad you think our Leather Fragrance Oil smells just like leather. Though I'm sorry it wasn't a good seller for you. Check out our list of fragrances that our Best Sellers for some inspiration! You can also try blending the Leather FO to get a more popular scent; I would recommend Pure Honey Fragrance Oil, Warm Flannel Fragrance Oil, or Sandalwood Vanilla Fragrance Oil.

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Best leather fragrance ever

This fragrance is so wonderful, it makes me giddy. I used it for wedding favors, for a friend and everyone loved it. No problems whatsoever.Ordering more.

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Smells exactly like a Wilson's Leather Store

Great scent - it smells like a rough out leather coat after a day outside in the cool fall sunshine. It's amazing, if you like the smell of leather coats. Which I do, so. No problems with trace, scent has lasted through cure process.

nice smell

When sniffing this fragrance there was something familiar about it, maybe from childhood. I liked it but the smell seemed faint. I added Indian Sandalwood with it and it smelled terrific. However, it traced so fast all I could do was manage to plop it into the mold from the spoon.Maybe it was the combination of the two fragrances. I will be prepared next time!