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Not for Beginners or Slow Pokes

The scent is spot on. It smells like you walked into a specialty boot store. However, this fragrance is not easy to work with. I'm an experienced soap maker. I soap at 75-80F with lots of soft oils, and I still had difficulty incorporating this fragrance into the soap. It accelerated quickly, caused some ricing, and it definitely wanted to escape from the soap batter. I had to beat it into submission. I'll make it again because it's a great seller, but I don't look forward to making it.

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Jessica / Daniel
Great scent

Got a sample and I'm back for a larger size! Such a great leather smell. It's manly but Also can be used by women. I want to describe it as country industrial chic lolol

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Love love love

This is a perfect leather scent! It's smells luxurious and just like the real thing.

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Husband likes it

My husband requested a soap that smelled like walking into the boot store. This is close but has a bit of a chemic smell as well.


is it weird that i love the way leather smells? i asked for this as a sample with my last order and instead i got a different fragrance but BB sent this one to me with this latest order and i LOVE IT! it reminds me of going to juarez on the weekends and being in leather heaven, also when i go to san antonio the market there smells like this. i love it haha brings me such bubbly feelings.. or is that gas? lol nevermind this is a real winner!! thank you BB!