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Love it but...

I think maybe I got some of the new formulation. I love the scent - used it in the white portion of a gray and white soap. The gray is scented with Cedar and Amber. The two together smell amazing. The white though is turning pink. Now gray and pink are lovely together as well but it's a man's soap🤔

Diane Espinoza
This reminds me of the leather shops in Mexico my grandmother would take me to as a child.

I love this I have only got a sample, yet! But I used half on a blend for 8 lbs of (HP) soap and 12 bottles of beard oil . Everyone smelled the leather the in the blend ! It has been a full year of my last few bars that were improperly stored still have scent of lemony leather. Obviously I only used a bit and a year later I smell it , you know using it closer to normal usage rate it will last really long. I mixed it with wood and a cologne type F.O. I am going to build another scent around it, I love this leather! I am saving this little bit to finish making my guys body sprays until I can afford a bottle to make soap !

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Not for Beginners or Slow Pokes

The scent is spot on. It smells like you walked into a specialty boot store. However, this fragrance is not easy to work with. I'm an experienced soap maker. I soap at 75-80F with lots of soft oils, and I still had difficulty incorporating this fragrance into the soap. It accelerated quickly, caused some ricing, and it definitely wanted to escape from the soap batter. I had to beat it into submission. I'll make it again because it's a great seller, but I don't look forward to making it.

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Jessica / Daniel
Great scent

Got a sample and I'm back for a larger size! Such a great leather smell. It's manly but Also can be used by women. I want to describe it as country industrial chic lolol

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Love love love

This is a perfect leather scent! It's smells luxurious and just like the real thing.