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This just arrived today. I LOVE it, smells juat like a black leather jacket. Only gave 4 stars because I haven't soaped with it yet. Would love to know if its possible to use in a warmer to scent an entire room.

Verified Purchase
Major Disappointment

I wanted to like this, truly I did. However when I opened the bottle and smelled it, I couldn't think of anything by bad cleaners. The acrid scent was almost overpowering. I tried it in soap, just in case it changed and unfortunately it didn't. Now I have 2 oz. of fragrance that gives me and everyone who has scented it a headache. I would recommend avoiding at all costs.

Verified Purchase

I love this leather scent! it doesnt smell exactly like leather, cause that's impossible. but its close. it smells really great. I made a few bars of melt and pour soap a couple days ago using leather fragrance, and everyone that has smelled them loves them a lot. I'm already sold out!

CP - good, but not straight leather

This smells like a leather-inspired cologne to me. It has a strong leather scent, but also water notes. I do like it, but it is not a straight-up leather scent to me.

Verified Purchase

I was looking for a leather/manly kinda scent to take to an event where leather takes a high profile. This is totally the ticket! My biker friend loves it and the women who have tried it are loving it too! It doesn't smell like leather in bottle, just soap with it and let it develop. No discoloration and no acceleration. Edit: I've made this a couple times now, and never had a chance to keep a bar sells like crazy!