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is it weird that i love the way leather smells? i asked for this as a sample with my last order and instead i got a different fragrance but BB sent this one to me with this latest order and i LOVE IT! it reminds me of going to juarez on the weekends and being in leather heaven, also when i go to san antonio the market there smells like this. i love it haha brings me such bubbly feelings.. or is that gas? lol nevermind this is a real winner!! thank you BB!

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True Leather

I have bought Leather Fragrance Oils from several different websites and had yet to find anything that smelt close to Leather. I purchased this fragrance oil this past year and I ABSOLUTELY Love it! It brings me back to my childhood. Makes me think of walking into a local western boot store and smelling brand new leather boots. It is very comforting for me. I have had people tell me that it also smells like "new car". Either way, it is a win win for me.

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This just arrived today. I LOVE it, smells juat like a black leather jacket. Only gave 4 stars because I haven't soaped with it yet. Would love to know if its possible to use in a warmer to scent an entire room.

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Major Disappointment

I wanted to like this, truly I did. However when I opened the bottle and smelled it, I couldn't think of anything by bad cleaners. The acrid scent was almost overpowering. I tried it in soap, just in case it changed and unfortunately it didn't. Now I have 2 oz. of fragrance that gives me and everyone who has scented it a headache. I would recommend avoiding at all costs.

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I love this leather scent! it doesnt smell exactly like leather, cause that's impossible. but its close. it smells really great. I made a few bars of melt and pour soap a couple days ago using leather fragrance, and everyone that has smelled them loves them a lot. I'm already sold out!