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somewhat disappointed

My first use of this was making a room spray. After combining this w/the Poly 20, decided it wasn't strong enough, so began adding addl Lemon EO (counting drops to next match the addl Poly 20), when the dropper top fell off, spilling near 1/2 the bottle in my previous mixture

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Confusion on lip safety?

I'm a big fan of all BB essential oils, but this one has given me some frustration. When I received it, there was a lip symbol on the label, meaning that it's safe for use in lip products. But under this description online, it is stated that it should not be used in lip products. Wanting to make a lemon lip balm - safe or not? I'd like some clarity. Thanks!

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Karlie! I'm sorry for that confusion! The Lemon Essential Oil is a photosensitizer which means it can magnify the sun's UV rays, making it unsafe to use in leave-on products like lip balm. We have now corrected the labels by removing that lip safe icon from them. For scents to use in lip balms check out our Flavoring Oils!

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love lemon

I love the Lemon essential oil, but I have noticed if kept for awhile it will turn kind of rancid. Could you tell me what I could do to keep it smelling great longer?

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What you smell is what you get

This lemon is nice but a bit one noted I guess; no complexity. But if that's what you want, this is it. Doesn't do well in CP soap but divine in other products.

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Like a fresh cut Lemon

Love this oil - I have used it in scrubs, melt and pour soaps of every base, my diffuser and much more. It is exactly what you would expect from lemon oil and you can even drop a drop in your water or tea for an extra zing. I love asking customers what they would like mixed with this for a summer fun soap - the combinations are so nice and my newest request is english rose and lemon - wonderful!

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Lia! I'm so glad you love our Lemon Essential Oil! Though we do not recommend ingesting any of our products. While some of our products are technically food (oils, salts, butters, etc...), they are stored in a warehouse that is not considered 'food-safe' by the FDA. Also, our employees are not required to follow food-safe standards.