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Verified Purchase
Strong lemony lasting scent

I bought this product prior to the reformulation. It was a strong pleasant lemony scent that stuck in CP soap. That combo is hard to find! I'd buy this one again.

Verified Purchase
Mykel Bridget
Know what to expect...

First of all, this scent is lovely. Lively and lemony without that antiseptic-citrus that lemon can sometimes have. It is warm and fresh at the same time. It does accellerate trace, and Brambleberry has been quite transparent about communicating that it will do so. I had everything ready to go and added the FO at the last second and then went right to the mold. It worked really well and is a customer favorite! Adding this to the standing BB order list!

Verified Purchase
Love This Scent

I first tried this scent when I ordered the Best of BB Sampler. I used it in melt and pour and bath bombs. It is a customer favorite so I keep it on hand. I used it in cold process for the first time last week. I was prepared for it to accelerate because of all of the information and reviews. I have never used a fragrance oil that accelerated like this before. It was a basic soap recipe with no colorants just the fragrance. I was able to get it into the 18 bar mold and put the inserts in even after dropping part of them and reassembling. The soap smells wonderful and certainly unmolded quickly! I will most definitely continue to purchase it.

Verified Purchase
No my favorite

Regretfully I ordered a big bottle of this. The scent is not strong and doesn't smell much like lemons to me. Won't use or order again.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Jan! I'm sorry this fragrance wasn't your favorite. We love the sweet and complex blend of our Lemon Verbena Yankee Type Fragrance Oil! Though it does have some extra floral and musk notes to make it more interesting. If you're looking for other lemon scents you may prefer our straight Lemon Essential Oil, Sweet Meyer Lemon Fragrance Oil, or Lemon Cake Fragrance Oil.

Smells wonderful!

Bright and lemony, This smells so good that I wish it was lip safe,lol! All the Brambleberry scents are amazing!!! This is actually what I had imagined lemongrass was gonna smell like, and I think I like this better😀