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Lemongrass is a big hit!

By far one of my favorite essential oils to use. Combined with tea tree or rosemary is just heavenly. Works wonderfully in CP soap and body butter.

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My Favorite

It's interesting that a previous reviewer found this essential oil to accelerate trace in cp soap. I've not noticed this, but most of my recipes contain a lot of olive oil, which tends to reach trace very s-l-o-w-l-y, so perhaps that's why. Soaping's all about trial and error; to me, that is what makes it so much fun. Btw, this essential oil sticks beautifully in castile soap, even after a long, 6+ month, cure time. It's my favorite, and I'm back to buy more!

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Wonderful smell!

I love how it blended with the Lime EO in my CP soap...the smell is amazing!!! However, neither EO had notes as to how it behaved in CP and this fragrance accellerated more quickly than the lime, making it impossible to swirl. Please consider putting behavior notes on all your EOs and fragrances. You test them all to learn. I shouldn't have to do it too.

Another Amazing Oil

Extremely Strong and Citrusy, I'm just having trouble finding a blend that doesn't smell like citronella based mosquito spray, and that really highlights the earthy and light notes of this incredible essence.

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Great strong fragrance

This is a wonderful fragrance for mixing. I use it in my lemon verbena cold process soap and it seems to bind to the other fragrance oils and keep them from fading. Be careful not to use to much as it can overpower the other fragrances. That's another bonus, it goes a long way!