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Nice unisex scent

This scent soaped beautifully and had good scent throw without being too harsh. I will purchase again.

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Was Not What I Expected

I've always loved your fragrance oils but this one really disappointed me. I was expecting a good lemony fragrance, like a lemongrass candle I had years ago. Instead, it just smells like a cloying perfume. I couldn't smell any lemon or sage at all, and I have a very sensitive nose to smells. I haven't burned them yet, but I truly hope the lemongrass comes out then. I'm sorry to have to give this review but it's what I think.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Jackie! I'm sorry you were disappointed in this scent. We love the herbaceous citrusy blend of our Lemongrass Sage Candle & Soap Fragrance Oil! If you're looking for other lemongrass scents you may like Sage & Lemongrass Cybilla Fragrance Oil, Coconut Lemongrass Fragrance Oil, or Lemongrass Essential Oil.

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Sweet and Spicy, Unisex

An excellent, unisex scent that will be fantastic for general-use hand soaps. Very pleasant spicy-sweetness without screaming anything specifically masculine/feminine - like vanilla, flowers, cedar/pine, etc - that might be off-putting for some users. It's "generic" in a good way! Behaved well; no acceleration at all. I will purchase again.

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half/half for better scent staying power

I love this scent. I used it in my cp soap and found I needed to add a little more than the suggested amount though. For my next batch, I added half of the recommended value and the same amount of lemongrass essential oil, as this is what a soap maker in Hot Springs stated that she does. This made the scent 'stick' much better, in my opinion. The soap maker stated this is a method she has found works best...half FO and half EO. Seems to help.

great fresh scent

This has a spicy lemon scent. Very powerful and long lasting. Love to use these oils as perfume also. Nay never buy store brand perfume again. Mix and match to make your own unique scents.