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Beautiful, sweet and fresh floral!

Smells absolutely lovely out of the bottle. Easy to soap, even with 30% tallow, moderate water discount and relatively warm, the acceleration is very manageable. Will update after a 3-week cure.

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Very strong floral

I think this is one of the nicest florals. It’s strong and lovely out of bottle. Can’t wait to soap with this. Thank you B.B. for your wonderful products. I’m from the Caribbean and I don’t mind paying my FF extra to get your product to me. Will share your site with my Caribbean soaping friends and FB soap groups. I know theywill love your products as well.

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This FO Is wonderful. There is mild acceleration but I soaped at 110 and had no problem. But the best thing is that the fragrance really sticks in cp soap and has a great throw in the shower. Definitely a wonderful FO.

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Very popular!

Everybody loves this! I bought it for myself because I had these flowers in my yard growing up. I thought people would think it old-fashioned and grandmotherly but everybody loves it! In CP and MnP, it lingers on the skin but is not overpowering, just a nice reminder of the wonderful soap you just used.

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Truly Lily of the Valley

I adore this single note fragrance. I so miss having my lily of the valley back home, but this stirs up the senses perfectly. I soaped CP cool and I had no acceleration, ricing or funny business; very well behaved with 3 color swirl and it turned out beautiful. It's not heavy or cloying, very pleasant. Will certainly buy again.