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Very popular!

Everybody loves this! I bought it for myself because I had these flowers in my yard growing up. I thought people would think it old-fashioned and grandmotherly but everybody loves it! In CP and MnP, it lingers on the skin but is not overpowering, just a nice reminder of the wonderful soap you just used.

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Truly Lily of the Valley

I adore this single note fragrance. I so miss having my lily of the valley back home, but this stirs up the senses perfectly. I soaped CP cool and I had no acceleration, ricing or funny business; very well behaved with 3 color swirl and it turned out beautiful. It's not heavy or cloying, very pleasant. Will certainly buy again.

Sweet Floral Scent

When I was a little girl I had some Lily of the Valley perfume which I loved. I saw this and had to try it. I did not disappoint me. It was like I remembered. It smells of sweet floral innocence. :) It would make a lovely bath bomb. I made it i not a reed diffuser and it was a bit too light, so I made M&P soaps with it and it worked out great.

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Love. This.

This is awesome! Smells exactly like Lily of the Valley. I made a 3 pound loaf using Brambleberry's Shea Melt and Pour as part of my Christmas Gift Bags...Females as young as 11 up to 76 and all points in between went bonkers over this fragrance. There is no way I'm going to be able to make enough of this come spring when the Farmers Market opens! No way! Did I say it was awesome? It's awesome!

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Joeana M.
My favorite scent !

I bought 13 different scents to make bath bombs with & this is my favorite. I love lily of the valley, it's always been a smell that's hard to find without too much other stuff added to it. This scent reminds me of when I was a little girl sitting underneath the lilacs and laying on top of the lily-of-the-valley flowers listening to the leaves rustling in the breeze. This is one of the truest scents for lily of the valley I have ever smelled, I need a bigger bottle. Thank you Brambleberry! ❤️