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I regularly purchase a cold-pressed key lime oil from another supplier for soaps, but I wanted a lime oil for sugar scrubs, which are a leave-on product. Despite what the product description says, distilled citrus oils are not phototoxic (cold pressed are, however). The scent tends toward lemon-lime soda which is a bit different than I am used to, but not disappointing.

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Love it!

This Lime EO is wonderful in CP soaps! I've made a CP soap with Lime and several other EOs, also goat milk and pureed cucumbers and it is fantastic and scent sticks very well!

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Great quality as always

This lime EO is fantastic. It makes a lovely scent, in combination with ginger. I found it to fade pretty quickly but such is life with a citrus. Mixing it with lime FO helped keep the scent a little longer.

Stephanie M
Smells amazing!

I like using this with lemon and lemongrass EOs in my bath fizzies and bath melts. It smells so good! I've also tried it in CP soap but it faded quite a bit. I could still smell it but it was faint.

So nice!

Use this essential oil with those of Patchouli and Litsea to make a wonderful Patchouli-Lime fragrance reminiscent of the 60's and 70's.