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Pure Lime?

As at least one other reviewer stated, this smells like turpentine, both OOB and in the soap. I mixed this EO with patchouli at 35% and still the turpentine smell as it cures. I question whether this is pure lime essential oils. I've never left this kind of review on anything BB sells, but I had to say something.

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Why are there floaters??? Never saw essential oils with floating bits and cloudy film???!!!

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
It sounds like part of your essential oil froze in transit which is completely normal in this colder weather. The EO should return to normal over time at room temperature though if you need to use it sooner you can take off the top and give it a hot water bath. For more information check out our Frozen Fragrance Oils blog post.

Smells So Good!

I love this lime essential oil. It smells fresh and sweet. Perfect summer scent. I plan on making a grapefruit and lime melt & pour soap with this. I will not be using this in cold process soap because I'm afraid of it fading away and I don't want to waste a drop!

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Smells Amazing!

Wow I really love this one. I bought to use in Bath Bombs, I had planned to mix with other citrus scents but ended up just using it by itself and just smells amazing in the bath. I will be mixing with other scents in the future but will for sure use by itself too. Really love it!

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I regularly purchase a cold-pressed key lime oil from another supplier for soaps, but I wanted a lime oil for sugar scrubs, which are a leave-on product. Despite what the product description says, distilled citrus oils are not phototoxic (cold pressed are, however). The scent tends toward lemon-lime soda which is a bit different than I am used to, but not disappointing.