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Lush Lime

I used this in CP soap and it smells amazing. It smells like lime jello when the jello is first mixed with the boiled water and the water vapors carry the smell up to your face. I love it! The soap came out beautifully and is curing nicely. I find myself going to visit it often just to smell it!

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Amazing fresh lime scent. I read a review that a little goes a long way. Well, I don't know about is a citrus after all. But I adore this scent regardless.

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Lime Fragrance OIl

I made a batch of CP using this LIme FO and I am disappointed in how it smells. I used fresh lime zest thinking it would be super awesome as I did with my lemon zest soap and the lime soap smells like pine-sol cleaner. Anyone have suggestions on what I can mix this FO with to get a cleaner scent? I like how it smells from the bottle but not from the soap (after the 4th week) curing.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Kelly! I'm sorry you were disappointed with this fragrance in your cold process soap. We love the juicy, bright scent of our Lime Fragrance Oil. If you're wanting a cleaner scent you may want to try blending it with Crisp Cotton Fragrance Oil, Champagne Fragrance Oil, or Mandarin Oasis Fragrance Oil.

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Love it

strong and smells like the real thing!!

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This has to be my favorite scent to mix with! It does get super thick but the smell is worth it!