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Not impressed

I was excited to try this kit, I love the jars and wanted to try this wax and fragrance so I thought it would be easier to get the kit than all items individually. Now, I have made candles before, and I have used wood wicks before so I was not new to this process. The instructions were severly lacking in detail. How long do I melt it, what temp should I add fragrance for this wax, what temp should I pour? I was really disappointed that a kit didn't come with this basic information for candle making! Also, the method for measuring the wick was silly, first, you should never trim a wick before you pour your candle, second, if you trim it to short you can't use up all the wax if you trim it too long you wouldn't be able to get the lid on. There was no instruction on how high to fill these jars! I guess the suggestion of putting it on the scale would solve that, but really? I was not impressed with the scent, I'm not a fan of pine scents and that's all I could smell from this. I figured I could give them away for gifts. After the set up, they looked terrible, the wax cracked at the wick and there were sink holes everywhere and of course wet spots. I tried to burn one of the candles, the first round went ok, very little smell, even after 3 hours. It didn't burn evenly at all. The next day I tried to relight the wick and it kept going out after a few minutes. I made sure to trim off the black part but it just would not stay lit. Very disappointed in the wasted money on this kit :-( I've been really happy with a lot of the soap kits but this was a total miss guys.


About pouring candles evenly: tare the container and pour to 4oz.

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Good for beginners

I had always wanted to try my hand at candlemaking as I’ve been doing CP soap now for 8 years and thought it may be a goid way to use up leftover fragrance oils. While I do think that thus kit is a bit pricey for four small (4 oz.) candles, I did find it relatively easy to use. As a newbie I have a couple of questions. I ended up with two candles where the wax pulled away at the top leaving a small gap near one side of the wick and also had a heck of a time lighting the wick for the first time. It took me five or six tries! Once lit, it burned nicely and I love the scent, a nice mix of sweetness (vanilla?), evergreen, and berries when burning. I have the same question as a previous review as to whether the whole bottle (1.75 oz) or the 1.3 recommended for the lingonberry spice FO on the fragrance calculator is correct. The whole bottle is NOT too stron but why the discrepancy? If someone follows the calculatir directions they will get no scent throw at all! If anyone can answer how to prevent the shrinkage around the wick or hiw to get the wicks to light better ut would be very much appreciated. These sorts of tips would be nice if included in the directions for a perfect outcome!

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
The Fragrance Oil Calculator is a good starting point for scenting products though you would still want to test the usage rates to make sure you like the finished results, especially for candles. Our fragrance oils are not designed for candles or tested in them so when we did testing for this kit we found the Lingonberry Spice performed better in the candle at the full 1.75 oz. For the wooden wicks it helps to break off the bit of wood that has completely burned and looks like charcoal before lighting your candle after it has been used at least once.


I have been reading the reviews about this kit. Before ordering I look at the tutorials about what the product line offers us costumers. If YOU WOULD READ THE HOW TO'S ON THE WEB SITE WHEN YOU HAVE A QUESTION REGARDING HOW TO'S YOU WOULD LEARN HOW BB SUGGESTS WHAT WORKS FOR THEM. DON'T COMPLAIN because you are too lazy to check it out prior to leaving a negative review.

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Instructions are lacking

I’m a soapmaker, and hoped to learn to make soy candles to offer in gift sets at the winter holidays. As another reviewer noted, the instructions are very light on information. I’d done enough reading on the how-tos to know there is a little more to it then melt wax and pour. I even emailed customer service to inquire about the correct wax temp at which to add fragrance, as well as fragrance oil usage. The Fragrance Calculator for this FO indicates using 1.3 ounces for Strong fragrance. The kit instructions tell you to add all 1.75 oz provided. So which is correct? I would also have appreciated guidance on filling the candles to a uniform level. I have three that look reasonably full, and one that’s pretty skimpy. I expected better from a BB kit.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
The Fragrance Calculator gives a usage rate to start with though we recommend testing all of your scents for the in your finished product, especially with candles, to make sure you like the end results (scent throw, burn smell, etc.). In this recipe we found the Lingonberry Spice Fragrance Oil was best when used at a full 1.75 oz for a strong room throw. To fill the candles to a uniform level you can weigh the containers and make sure you are pouring 4 oz by weight into each.