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Great First Foray into Candlemaking!

I bought this kit after buying the Hygge scents because I was absolutely in love with all of them, and Lingonberry Spice was one of my favorites. The instructions were clear, and it was so easy to make these candles! It can be a little tricky getting the wicks to stay lit, but a little bit of Googling revealed that you have to keep the wick really short, and I haven't had a problem with them since. I pour the wax first, place the wick, and then trim the wick after the wax solidifies. The scent throw is amazing. I have an open floor plan downstairs and a large loft at the top of my stairs, and when I burn these candles, I can smell them all throughout my house. It's a great winter scent! This kit prompted me to buy more supplies, and I've gifted this to several people, all of whom loved it! I highly recommend this, it makes candle making so easy!

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Very easy kit

I ordered this kit during the 20% off sale and decided to make the candles this morning. I have never made candles before but found the instructions simple and easy to follow. Let's be honest, it's not exactly rocket science! The fragrance is more of a spice scent than lingonberry, but is pleasant enough. I'm planning to use these as holiday hostess gifts so the included labels will be helpful. This was my first Brambleberry project but won't be my last!

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lingonberry candle kit

Well my kit arrived - had I know they were going to be 20% off in a few days I would have waited ...10 a candle? What was I thinking! I just get too carried away when I shop here - Loved the scent though from previous order. A tip I have is don’t expect 4 candles filled to the shoulders - don’t try to re position the wick - it will slide around on its own so try to get center the first try or have a way to hold them in place before pour so you are ready ... unless you are capable of using fingers and toes at the same time -(don’t panic - at temps of 70 in my kitchen ... I did warm jars though) I had would have had time to come up wIth something clever to hold in place - I did a little research at temp pour and kind of just averaged .. stirred the fragrance as suggested for the two minutes - I just poured so that’s as far as my review can go - if they crack or scent throw bad or wick won’t stay lit I will let anyone interested know - other than all that BB has always been great with the best costumer service anywhere ... my opinion is very hard to come by these days- so great that makes me feel guilty when I do have a complaint

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Not impressed

I was excited to try this kit, I love the jars and wanted to try this wax and fragrance so I thought it would be easier to get the kit than all items individually. Now, I have made candles before, and I have used wood wicks before so I was not new to this process. The instructions were severly lacking in detail. How long do I melt it, what temp should I add fragrance for this wax, what temp should I pour? I was really disappointed that a kit didn't come with this basic information for candle making! Also, the method for measuring the wick was silly, first, you should never trim a wick before you pour your candle, second, if you trim it to short you can't use up all the wax if you trim it too long you wouldn't be able to get the lid on. There was no instruction on how high to fill these jars! I guess the suggestion of putting it on the scale would solve that, but really? I was not impressed with the scent, I'm not a fan of pine scents and that's all I could smell from this. I figured I could give them away for gifts. After the set up, they looked terrible, the wax cracked at the wick and there were sink holes everywhere and of course wet spots. I tried to burn one of the candles, the first round went ok, very little smell, even after 3 hours. It didn't burn evenly at all. The next day I tried to relight the wick and it kept going out after a few minutes. I made sure to trim off the black part but it just would not stay lit. Very disappointed in the wasted money on this kit :-( I've been really happy with a lot of the soap kits but this was a total miss guys.

Chloe from Bramble Berry replies...
Thanks for the great advice for trimming the wicks and I am sure that will be helpful for others wondering as well. When your candle wax cracking and pitting on top, you can fix that with a heat gun and melting the tops of the candles to fill those spots in.


About pouring candles evenly: tare the container and pour to 4oz.