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Sarah H.

I'd actually like to know the answers to the below commenter's issues before I start on this tonight. What temperature should the wax be before adding the fragrance? At what temperature do you pour? I bought this kit expecting explicit instructions, otherwise I would've just stuck with purchasing the materials for cheaper.

Verified Purchase
Was hoping for more

Ok. I make soap and haven’t really delved into the world of candle making. Well, I’ve “tried” to make candles before but was not successful and did not have a consistent result. Worse, I could not figure out where I was making my mistakes and what I could do to fix the problem. Needless to say my candle supplies have been put away for years. Anyhow, what better way to begin again than to purchase a Bramble Berry candle kit! I was very excited when my kit arrived. I fantasized there would be many tips and tricks that would help me on my way to becoming a candle-making expert (lol). Tonight was the night! I excitedly brought out my kit to the kitchen and was more than ready to make my candles. I appreciate the adorable packaging and the included labels. When I looked at the directions I thought there must be more to them. I know candles should be easy to make but I thought the directions were lacking for someone like me, severely lacking in skill. I think I expected a little more detail to the instructions. I also didn’t see any “tips and tricks.” One tip I was definitely expecting to see was at what degree the wax needs to be when adding the fragrance oil and at what temperature should the wax be at time of the actual candle pour (I heard that’s important for a better/stronger scent and the later to prevent shrinking). This is an expensive kit and I didn’t want to mess it up. I thought, no problem there is probably a video on Soap Queen. No video. Then I went onto the Brambleberry site for more details. Nothing. I scrolled to the comments (of course a “skill-less” soul like me might be having the same issue). Nope. I’m just going to have to wing it. I also Needed a little more direction on the wicks. Do I push the wick itself all the way to the bottom of the clip or do I leave room? It also felt like I was going to break the wood wick because it took a little force to get it into the clip. One extra wick for that reason would have put me at ease when I was anxiously jamming those guys in. Lastly, a few tips on how to keep the wicks centered after the pour would have been nice. Those suckers slid all over the place. I just read on the internet I could have used some plastic straws split ¾ of the way down the center to hold the wick, like an alligator clip. Unfortunately, I live in California and we are not allowed to have such outlawed plastic ! Ha, Ha just kidding lol. The directions said hold the wicks in place for several minutes. Since I don’t have four hands it was hard to steady all four. Maybe I should have used a little wax before the pour to set the wick into place? The directions said to put them in after the pour. It also would be nice to know how long the candles need to “cure” before lighting for the best result. These are all things I could have researched on the internet but since this was sold as a kit I thought all of those issues would be addressed. Well any-who, I love you guys but I think the kit could be better. In the end I’m sure I will have fantastic candles. My house does smell delightful.