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I have purchased these a couple times. Always great product, never any issues with the lip balm tubes. Price is comparable to other companies. The fast shipping is the best. It's worth buying from here.

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packaging needs work and a double count

These tubes were just fine, but the packaging wasn't great. I ordered 200 tubes, the caps were in a plastic baggie, just like most of the additives I usually order, and the bag held up fine. The tubes, however, were put in a thin paper bag and stapled on the top. The bag split during shipping and the tubes were strewn out throughout the box mixed with the packing peanuts and my other items. Some of the tubes were scratched, and most of them had dirt and dust in them. After cleaning them, drying and making them I was missing two caps. I realize 200 is a weird number, but if I get 200 tubes I expect 200 caps. Just disappointing.

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White tube Lip Balm containters

Are these tubes BPA FREE!? Where can I find this information!?

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Lip Balm cant twist

This agreeable this one of the best price of lip balm containers around. BUT at least 30% of the lip balms containers bought, cant twist up upon filling up them. I think it has something to do with the twisting mechanism ; considering i do use soft oils such as almond oil. And at times once twisted up it can be turned back down. Hope this could be address

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi James! I'm sorry you were disappointed in this product. It's important to check the where the platform inside the Lip Balm Tubes is twisted to before filling the tubes. If the platform is twisted all the way up before filling it won't be able to be filled all the way and concurrently will not be able to twist up. I will email you directly to help resolve this issue.

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Good, but some have plastic burrs

I have ordered at least 300 tubes, and about 1 out of every 10 have burrs around the rim. They can be painful if they are missed. Overall the price is great, and I love the lip balms. Because I have an allergy to almonds, I had a hard time finding lip balm that I liked, so I started making my own. I will continue to purchase, as I try to grow my business.