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I tried using these for a batch of lip balm today. I'm very disappointed in them. As mentioned by others the caps nd tubes are just thrown into a bag together. The real disappointment was when I tried to fill them. I use a filling try as most people do. These did not fit my tray. They would just fall out when the tray was turned over after being inserted. I did a work around using some tape. When filling with lip balm the poor fit allowed liquid lip balm to run down the sides of the tubes. What a mess! What a waste! I sell quality products to my customers. This just made a mess that I feel can't be cleaned up well enough to be saleable. 50 tubes of lip balm wasted. I'll be trying to return the remainder of the order.

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Very Good

This review is very late! I ordered these lip balm tubes(50 of them) last December thinking I was out, but I discovered I still had some left from another supplier, so when I got this supply I just stored it. So, here it is, lip balm season and I made my awesome lip balm, pulled out my brown paper bag and counted out 50 tubes. I put them in my cool Bramble Berry lip balm stand for filling, got them all done. I was cleaning and finishing the tubes so I could cap them, and realized as I got to the end that there were only 47 caps in the bag. Ugh! I cannot order the caps separately so now I have 3 tubes of lip balm with no lids! It would be really good to get 50 caps with the 50 tubes. THAT is the only reason for the 4 star review. Otherwise, they are a great product.

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I have purchased these a couple times. Always great product, never any issues with the lip balm tubes. Price is comparable to other companies. The fast shipping is the best. It's worth buying from here.

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packaging needs work and a double count

These tubes were just fine, but the packaging wasn't great. I ordered 200 tubes, the caps were in a plastic baggie, just like most of the additives I usually order, and the bag held up fine. The tubes, however, were put in a thin paper bag and stapled on the top. The bag split during shipping and the tubes were strewn out throughout the box mixed with the packing peanuts and my other items. Some of the tubes were scratched, and most of them had dirt and dust in them. After cleaning them, drying and making them I was missing two caps. I realize 200 is a weird number, but if I get 200 tubes I expect 200 caps. Just disappointing.

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White tube Lip Balm containters

Are these tubes BPA FREE!? Where can I find this information!?