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Michelle B
Changed my mind...

UPDATE: Regarding previous negative review: I think what I was detecting was the Vanilla Flavor Oil (from BB) which I apparently hate (instead of this). So... fast forward, I am finding the Stevia I usually use is crystalizing out of my chapstick after a few months. I decided to give this stuff another chance (& since I purchased so much of it) and I actually really like it! I think this is going to be my go to sweetener from now on. Changed to 5 stars. OLD REVIEW: I think this stuff smells/tastes horrible. I rarely leave negative reviews but to me this sweetener smells/tastes... perfume-y. It is totally unusable to me. I am going to stick with Stevia for sweetening my lip balms.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Michelle! I'm sorry you were disappointed in this flavor. We love the Lip Smacking Sweet Flavor Oil and find it perfect for adding a hint of sweetness to our balms. It sounds like the Stevia, White (bleached) would work better for you! While the Stevia is plant based, the flavor oils are synthetic fragrance oils that are lip safe so they would definitely taste different on the lips. Find out more about our flavor oils in this Sunday Night Spotlight on them.

CP soap

This doesn't make my soap taste very sweet at the recommended percentage. How much per pound to get my soap to taste better?

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Sweet Kisses

I find this to be a great sweetener for my lip balms. Whether I am using flavour oils or essential oils this does the trick. I like making my balm in a double boiler so Ivan monitor it's progress. I find that if I remove the balm base from the heat before adding my flavour oil(s), sweetener and colours and continue mixing until it is ready to be poured it does not separate. I do my own version of a frozen test and if I find it needs to be tweaked I remelt the mixture (with flavour and colour) on a lower heat setting, usually setting 3. The lower heat keeps me from losing the taste I added.

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Used this in a lip balm base. It seemed to separate so I had the first pours with no flavor and the last pours with too much. Never balanced for my batch. This was my first time using but not sure if I will try it again.

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Just a little goes a long way...super love this!

I use this alone for my lip balm and lipsticks, it's just amazing. Just few drops is all you need to get that lip smacking sweetness.