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Stacey Marie
Buy this from BB ONLY

So, I had been buying my Crothix from another company that also sells their products on Amazon. I usually buy my Hyaluronic Acid Powder, Collagen Powder, and Sorbic Acid Powder from this company and those products are amazing, so I always thought that the Crothix I was getting from them was good. I had only used Crothix from this company, so I didn't have anything else to compare it to, but I know that I always heard people talk about how amazing it is at thickening your liquid soap, and how only a little is really needed. So imagine how unimpressed I was when it was taking a full 12oz bottle of liquid Crothix from this other company to thicken a 52oz batch of liquid soap (and it still shot out of a pump dispenser because it wasn't quite thick enough, and it was $20 per 12oz. and Prime is not an option, so you do pay shipping). So when I seen that I could get 16oz. here for just a buck and some change more, I jumped on it. Well, I ordered the liquid soap paste too and tried it out (which is awesome btw) and ended up needing to thicken about 85oz. or so of liquid soap, I was worried I wouldn't have enough Crothix. Well, to my complete surprise, I didn't even have to use half of the bottle to thicken the full batch! And not just thicken it a little, it thickened it to the nice thick, creamy consistency that I LOVE for a hand & body wash! I see some people are mentioning that another type of Crothix is no longer available, but I hope this one never goes away! A little really does go a long way!

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Oil or water Soluable?

Can I use this priduct in oil based products like bath oils?

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Converting from Pastilles to Liquid Corthix

I still make your wonderful Skin Firming Cream (SQ Blog Oct 13, 2007) but now that you no longer carry the Pastilles, can you tell me how to convert x amount of Corthix Pastilles to = y amount of Liquid Crothix? (minus how much liquid in the recipe?). Thank you for your help. I look forward to using the liquid Crothix instead of pastilles.

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Works great to thicken thin shampoo!

It works great to thicken thin shampoo. Very easy to use.

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Love at first use!!!

I used this to thicken liquid soap. I tried a lot of other things and was glad the crew at BB turned me on to this product. I am not a pro, new to soaping and used this successfully. I mixed a little at a time until I achieved desired thickness. I kept stiring with a spoon until it was fully incorporated. I have no separating at all, just smooth soap that pumps well out of the bottle. I appreciate the tip BB!!