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Converting from Pastilles to Liquid Corthix

I still make your wonderful Skin Firming Cream (SQ Blog Oct 13, 2007) but now that you no longer carry the Pastilles, can you tell me how to convert x amount of Corthix Pastilles to = y amount of Liquid Crothix? (minus how much liquid in the recipe?). Thank you for your help. I look forward to using the liquid Crothix instead of pastilles.

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Works great to thicken thin shampoo!

It works great to thicken thin shampoo. Very easy to use.

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Love at first use!!!

I used this to thicken liquid soap. I tried a lot of other things and was glad the crew at BB turned me on to this product. I am not a pro, new to soaping and used this successfully. I mixed a little at a time until I achieved desired thickness. I kept stiring with a spoon until it was fully incorporated. I have no separating at all, just smooth soap that pumps well out of the bottle. I appreciate the tip BB!!

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Bring Back the Pastilles Please!

I've used both the liquid and pastille forms of Crothix and found the pastilles much easier to work with. The amount of pastilles to use was always spot on while the amount of liquid varied each time.

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I had used the crothix pastilles to make my liquid soap, and was IN LOVE! When I went to order again, I was notified that Bramble Berry did not carry it anymore :( It was suggested to try this. I soap did not thicken at all! I used almost my entire 16oz bottle for (I believe) 32oz of soap...and it still was not thickened! Now, I have a bunch of "runny" liquid soap :( I really loved the crothix pastilles, and wish it were back.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Amy! I'm sorry the Liquid Crothix did not work for you. That is super strange! I will email you directly to help figure out what went wrong.