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Choose Superfatting Level

thank u for your e-book i was read it but i'm not understand how i Choose Superfatting Level ?? to calculate the distilled water and Potassium Hydroxide

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I was excited to try making liquid soap so I invited a couple of friends over to make it a fun girls day. All three of us were confused with the instructions and started googling other instructions online to help us thru the process. We were confused from the beginning about using a slow cooker.. online instructions helped us understand that better.. The book didn't talk enough about solving problems so again we had to search online. It didn't talk enough about how to neutralize the soap and we couldn't get the soap to PH balance (we tested it like 10 times) before it started turning milky. We still don't understand what went wrong. All three of us are busy women and felt we wasted a lot of time and money. We decided we won't try it again and will buy a gallon of premade liquid soap next time. Sorry to sound negative but I just wanted to be honest

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awesome exactly what i was looking for!

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Further Information

Hello, I'm so excited about making my own castille soap !! I've just completed reading the e-book, and I think it's a great foundation !! I just need to ask a few questions, some of them related to materials and equipment that I might not be able to purchase where I live. Could you please tell me who to contact to have my questions answered. Thank you !

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Rosy! I'm so glad you are excited to make your own liquid soap and though our Liquid Soapmaking E-Book was a great foundation for that! You are more than welcome to email us at info (at) brambleberry (dot) com or give us a call at our toll free number 1.877.627.7883 to ask any of the questions you might have!

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Not Much Info

I have to agree with all the other reviewers it does seem lacking in information and i still dont feel confident in making this after reading this as i probably should. I think a youtube video where you can purchase a pass code to view or something like that would be a great idea, as someone else suggested. I like the videos theyre easier to understand. This seemed very lacking... also wheres the shampoo recipe? That's what i was curious to see.... is it the multi purpose recipe?

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Victoria! I'm sorry you don't feel confident in making liquid soap after reading this E-Book. You may have better luck with the Liquid Soapmaking Online Video! The recipe is a multipurpose recipe and can be used to create shampoo. I will email you personally to discuss this further.