Lotion IconMaking lotion seems complicated but it couldn't be easier. Wouldn't you love to make a thick and luxurious cream in your signature scent or maybe a light, healing after sun moisturizer? We've got all the supplies you need to make the exact lotion you want from scratch. Of course, we also carry lotion bases if you just want to skip to the fun part of adding the fragrance and packaging!

Info and Inspiration

Getting ready to make lotion. All of the ingredients and tools needed to make lotion.

  • Here is a great article explaining the basics of lotionmaking. 
  • Want that sun drenched look without the harmful UV rays? Try out Anne-Marie's Bronzing lotion recipe.
  • Over on the Soap Queen Blog view an in-depth step-by-step tutorial of the entire lotionmaking process.
  • Looking for a thick and nourishing cream? Try this recipe by Anne-Marie using Jojoba oil, Shea butter, and Cocoa butter.
  • Another nourishing lotion recipe - just not so thick designed for dry elbows and knees.
  • We strongly believe in using proven preservative systems like Phenonip and Optiphen. Just check out this eye opening post about mold growth in lotion if you need convincing.
  • Emulsifiers

    Our favorite way to emulsify oil and water is BTMS-50 and E-wax. There are other emulsifying systems out there but in our tests these ones are the best!

  • From Scratch Kit

    All the supplies you need including our self-published lotion book. 

  • Easy Lotion Kit

    Maybe you want a sure thing and don't want to think about emulsifiers and preservatives. We've created a kit using our pre-made lotion base, fragrance and color. What could be easier?

  • Scales

    Accurate measurements are key to making a reliable lotion recipe. This one is one of our least expensive scales - but perfect for the beginner.

  • Packaging

    We have a classic selection of bottles with disk tops and pumps just waiting for your personalized labels.

  • Lotion Bases

    Let us do the work for you! Bramble Berry offers a variety of pre-made lotion bases - just add you favorite fragrance, pour it in a bottle and you're done.