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Incredible, Long-Lasting Scent!

I was unfamiliar with this scent and decided to try it. I am glad I did! It is wonderful, and it did not affect the color of my CP soap as I was expecting. Everyone who smells soap using this fragrance, can't put it down!

Maria & Bessi
Behavior in CP Soap

Loved how this behaved in our CP batter! This FO made out batter decelerate so we were able to do a nice black and purple drop swirl. Also we made soap with this FO about 6 months ago and it still smells amazing and strong. HOWEVER, this FO does discolor to yellow (like REALLY yellow!). We thought we were clever by using dark colors for this but our LoveSpell Type soap now looks like we used a dark green and yellow as our colors.

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My new fav fragrance!

This smells absolutely amazing! I've made cold process cupcakes with it and I can't stop going over to them and sniffing them, this stuff is seriously addictive. It soaps and frosting were perfect when soaping at 100' and 60' for the frosting and the pink and purple colours I used were not affected by the yellow from the fragrance. Will definitely buy again.


Can it be use for candles?

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It put a spell on me

I used this in CP soap and CPOPed it. It's amazing. It soaped so beautifully. No ricing or speeding up trace. I will be buying this one again!