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I absolutely love this! Smells wonderful

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This is a lovely fragrance in the bottle but doesn't seem to work well in lotion. I've made two batches, one at light fragrance level and one at a strong level. In both cases, when I applied the finished lotion to my skin the fragrace disappeared immediately and left a waxy smell instead, no doubt the smell of the emulsifying waxes. I've used e-wax and stearic acid - not sure if the results would be different with polawax. At any rate, it looks like I will make soap with this instead.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
I'm sorry you had that trouble in lotion. Citrus and sometimes floral based scents tend to fade a little bit more quickly, especially on the skin. It may have better staying better if you add a little extra base note like Amber Fragrance Oil to your blend.

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I'm addicted to this Fragrance oil

Okay, my whole house smells like love spell. I love the fruity orange undertones and it makes great CP soap. It works great in all my other bath and body products too. When I initially opened the bottle I kept thinking about orange and lemon starburst candy. This whole soap making addiction is causing severe weight gain. All my fellow doctors and nurses go crazy for this scent. Thank you so much.

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My cream Seperated

I love all bramble FO but when i add this FO cream receipe that i always use it seperated. I not sure why it did that and i made it two times so i waisted 4oz of FO. Please Help!

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
If your cream is separating when you add in the fragrance oil it sounds like you need to add in more Emulsifying Wax to your recipe to keep that extra oil blended in. If you're adding the fragrance to a finished lotion it can help to gently heat the base so it is a bit thinner and use a stick blender to mix it in so it stays more consistent. For more information check out our How to Create Homemade Lotion Recipes blog post.

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Love working with this fragrance oil. Soaps like a champ lost of time to work with swirls. I like it's sweet fruity fragrance, I don't find it so over the top sick sweet, it's kind of perfect for what I was looking for. Thank you Bramble Berry this one is a winner for me!