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Love it!

Great scent that performs perfectly in CP. Some of our customers do note rose, and most seem to either love it or are indifferent, but I have never had a customer that dislikes it. Overall a great fragrance! Please do not discontinue!

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I smell roses. There are no rose undertones or top notes in this fragrance oil but every time I smell the bar, I smell roses with just a touch of lily. It is a great scent but not a personal favorite even though I do love the smell of roses just not this one. My neighbor smells lily and another just smells just floral.

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Top fragrance!

I love this fragrance and my customers too!!! This is my best seller fragrance and I need to buy more and more each year! PLEASE don't discontinue this fragrance!

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Beautiful A'Liz

Have to reorder now! This smell is great.

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Wait!! Don't discontinue!!

I was looking for a highly rated scent that behaves well in cp soap. I came across this one, and on an impulse bought a bottle (mostly because of the discontinue notice. If this is a marketing ploy...well played, Brambleberry, well played...) :) I really like this in my cp soap. Pleasantly sweet, but with more depth than other fruity scents. I would definitely buy this again. So please don't discontinue!