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Mrs. A
Really pretty interpretation of Lychee!

I personally love lychee (my kids won't touch them- they call them "eyeball fruit"... Their loss, more for me!), but this scent we ALL agree is a winner! Fruity, refreshing & lighthearted! No major problems soaping, as noted, I did notice some acceleration, but not to the point where I was scrambling to finish my design. It seemed to accelerate slightly, but then stay that consistency, without continuing to accelerate further, so it really was a breeze to work with! No ricing, discoloration or any other funny business, and the scent is lovely in soap! Very much recommend this pretty fragrance!

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Spot on scent

This stuff is the JAM. The scent is spot on for lychee! It immediately makes me think of bubble tea. This is a new staple in my soy candle line! UPDATE: I've had so many friends and customers fall in love with the scent that I've made it into roll-on oil blends and a hand lotion. This sweet, mild blend was made for body products!

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Love this f.o.

Sold lots of bars with this fragrance for Valentines Day. Great fragrance for c.p. Wonder Tea fragrance. With a light sweetness....very nice

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Love it

This is quickly becoming one of my favorites. I always feel the need to pair a fragrance with the right look, and at first I was having trouble doing this. I have finally found a color scheme that I like for this one, and I think it will now be one of my regulars!

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not one of my favorites

I have a very sensitive sense of smell and this fragrance dones not smell good at all.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Amber! I'm sorry this fragrance didn't work out for you. We love the subtle and sweet blend of our Lychee Red Tea Fragrance Oil. If you're looking for other fruity scents you may prefer Moonlight Pomegranate Fragrance Oil, Apple Sage Fragrance Oil, or Blooms and Berries Fragrance Oil.