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Strong & Masculine

This is a terrific masculine fragrance, it reminds me of a cologne my husband wears. OOB it is one of my favorites, I can't wait to make soap with it.

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This one, this one right here is one of my absolute all time favorite fragrances. Wonderful scent fresh out of the bottle and even better when used in soap. I paired it with Lavender Cedar FO and Oh My Goodness! It behaved perfectly in CP soap. I had plenty of time to do a half circle in the vertical soap mold. It is a masculine fragrance; one that I want to wrap myself up in!

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perfect scent

Alluring, warm, sensuous

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I was more then pleased with this scent. I had been looking for a while for something I can offer to men and this was perfect. It took a little longer to come to trace with cold process compared to other fragrances but all in all its a 10 out of 10!

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soo I received my box of goodies the other day, which included the Mahogany fragrance. I wanted a manly scent for my liquid soaps and shaving creams. The bottle leaked a little, so when I opened the box, all I could smell was hte Mahogany. It leaked down the sides of the bottle too. THAT being said, OMG what a great fragrance. It is strong so I dont plan on using alot at first, but omg, what a gorgeous sexy male scent. My boyfriend came over and said he wants every product in that scent lol. He loved it, said so far that was his favorite scent, and he loved the other male scents but this one, he said was THE ONE. Love love. Cant wait to try it in my soaps