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Oh my goodness! This FO smells so manly and sexy. I received it as a sample and I surely plan on purchasing it. I was excepting something woodsy, which it is not

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Car Mechanix fragrance!

I used this fragrance for my Car Mechanix soap. I dedicated it to my brother Stanley who worked on cars as a hobby for his whole life. He's passed away now so he never got to enjoy my soap named for him. This fragrance smells like the cologne he used to wear. I don't know what brand it was but I think it came from Costco in a one gallon jug. I don't mean this to be an insult to Brambleberry because the fragrance is perfect for my application.

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Wonderful scent!

This is so far my favorite scent from Bramble Berry. Beard balm and beard bars made with it are hot sellers. A must-have for anyone who loves masculine scents!

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Intoxicating aroma

This frangrance is one of my favorites. Held well in cold process soap. I used dark colorants that came through well. It is more masculine but love it for anyone. Many of my girl friends love the aroma.

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Trish M.
No Regrets

Dudes and Babes love this scent. I mix this scent with another FO, I started making this only in bath bombs, with it being the most requested scent, my product line has extended to wax melts, candles and air fresheners. You will not be disappointed!