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Trish M.
No Regrets

Dudes and Babes love this scent. I mix this scent with another FO, I started making this only in bath bombs, with it being the most requested scent, my product line has extended to wax melts, candles and air fresheners. You will not be disappointed!

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Excellent Men's Fragrance

I am a Soap Maker who lives in the Caribbean. I ordered this fragrance from Bramble Berry in April while I was in the US. When I received my order I smelt it, it smelled ok. I wasn't overly excited about the scent. Today I decided to use my Mahogany Fragrance Oil to make some soap. As I weighed out my Fragrance it lit up my entire apartment. It smells AMAZING. This is my new Favorite Male Scent now. It actually smells way better outside of the bottle and it smells even more amazing in my Cold Process Soap. I would definitely recommend it.

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This scent is a straight up wood scent that mixes very well with other scents. Thumbs up!

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This is yet another amazing fragrance for us males. I use this mixed with a few other essential oils and it adds depth to the base notes. Please keep this one in stock, too! I will be ordering this in larger quantities. I make oil based products with these fragrances, not soap, not yet anyways. The drydown is very nice with this scent. Sweet yet masculine. Love it!

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Great fragrance but it does make me worry?

This is one of my favorites for men and my husband likes it to. He has requests for it all the time BUT however, today I was making a couple of loaves with the mahogany and I seperated all my oils and poured out the right amount of mahogany into plastic cups. I turned my back to tend to my soap and when I came back, there was mahogany fragrance all over my bar. The fragrance had melted the cup and about 3 ounces was wasted! I had to use twice the amount because of that and now I have to order some more. It's still one of my favorites. I don't feel it should cost a star for that so I am still going to give it a 5.